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Two Men on Tractor
Photo of two men on tractor.

Museum records include text "Caterpillar Engine Plowing."

Man on Horse Driven Carriage in Front of Threshing Machine
Faded brown toned photo of (left) man in two white horse carriage. Man on threshing machine in background. Farm land visible.

Museum records include text, "Threshing barley and bags of barley at Round Mountain" and, a pink post-it-note on page…

Life at Fallbrook A
Four outdoor photos depicting the Staunton family at Fallbrook.

Photo A: DeLee Staunton standing in a dirt yard. She wears a dark coat over her dress and holds a baby doll in her arms. House in background.

Photo B: C. C. and DeLee Staunton…

Life at Fallbrook A
Five outdoor scenes showing the Staunton family during their time at Fallbrook.

Photo A: C. C. and DeLee Staunton at the steps outside of the Fallbrook house. C. C. sits cross-legged on the wall beside the steps. DeLee stands beside her father…

Water Gushing Into Trough
Image depicts water flowing from a pipe into a trough on the ground. Behind the pipe and trough there is a wall with farm equipment stacked next to it. A man is visible out of focus, standing next to the farm equipment.

Harvesting the Bean Crop
Picture of a man seated on harvesting equipment pulled by three horses. The man is wearing a hat and holding a pitchfork; behind him and the horses there is an automobile and a telephone pole. The foreground is made up entirely of the lima bean…

Workers and Farm Machinery
Outdoor group photo of agricultural workers posed with machinery and haystacks. Most of the group stands in front of or on the machinery. Three men rest on the haystack. Man on right seated on horseback.

Bill LaPerch Riding Skip-Loader
View of Bill LaPerch posing seated on skip-loader tractor at Bonfire Farms in Moorpark. LaPerch is wearing a white t-shirt with his glasses hanging from the shirt neck. His hair is slicked back and he leans over the steering wheel, looking toward the…

Mr. E at the Grindstone
View of a man, possibly Mr. Eaton, outside using a hand-operated grindstone. The man is looking over his shoulder at the viewer. A stack of firewood, a tree, and fence are visible behind the man.

Eaton's Farm in Montalvo
View of the Eaton farm taken from a path outside the fence. On the right side of the view, a man, possibly Mr. Eaton, wearing a waistcoat poses with his hands behind his back. A barn, windmill, tower, and fields are visible in the background.

Tractor and Thresher
View of a tractor towing a threshing machine on Rancho Guadalasca. An unidentified man is driving the tractor. A second unidentified man is standing on top of the thresher.

Untitled, (Mule or Horse Team with 2 Men and Farm Implements) postcard
A team of mules or horses appears to be pulling a farm implement upon which a man is sitting. Another man is visible within the group of animals. Hills, buildings, utility poles and wires are visible in the distance.

[AZO in stamp area]

Loren Ayers Barn
Loren Ayers barn, exterior view. Barn has a cupola and open barn doors show a car is parked inside. Print is mounted.

Picking Oranges Postcard
An outer row of an orange orchard. White ladders with wheels at the bottom are secured to the ground with white wires as men stand on them, collecting oranges. They are at various heights, dressed in a variety of colors, but most, if not all, appear…

R.P. Strathearn Home Ranch postcard
View of R.P Strathearn Home Ranch. There are five people in the image in front of the house. Two are near the porch, and three are in the foreground. A barn is visible in the background. Caption at top reads: "R.P. Strathearn Home Ranch."

Threshing machine and agricultural laborers during harvest.

Families at harvest time, with buildings and threshing equipment in background.

Cutting and winnowing machine
Farm machine for cutting and winnowing bean in a field

Harvesting and agricultural equipment

Farm equipment

Farm equipment

Lima Bean Harvesting
Lima bean harvesting crew in the field. Men, horses, wagons and agricultural equipment in a panoramic view with mountains in the background.
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