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View of Pagoda, Masonic Temple, and Oxnard Hotel from Plaza Park
View of Masonic Temple on left, Oxnard Hotel and Plaza Park Pagoda ion right, as seen from the middle of Plaza Park in Oxnard.

Arvella Vorbeck Leaning against Cannon
Arvella Vorbeck leans on a cannon, one arm resting on the cannon, in Plaza Park in Ventura. She looks at the viewer. She is wearing a cloche hat and gloves and a dark colored outfit and pumps. Park surroundings visible in background.

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Pagoda in Plaza Park, Oxnard
View of the pagoda at Plaza Park in Oxnard. Some people are standing around the structure and some buildings are visible in the background.

Picnic at Kenney Grove Park
Group photo of a group of people sitting at a picnic table at Kenney Grove park. There is a tablecloth on the table loaded with food. Picnic tables, trees, and parked cars in the background.

Men at Steckel Park, Santa Paula
Group photo of men standing near a parked car, left to right: John De La Rosa and son David, Frank De La Rosa, Amador De La Rosa, Rudy De La Rosa, John's nephew Mike Valenzuela, James De La Rosa (in sailor hat), John Valenzuela, father of John: Juan…

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Group Photo of Women at Steckel Park, Santa Paula
Group photo of women and one child standing in front of a car at Steckel Park in Santa Paula. Left to right: Theresa Alvarez De La Rosa, Lupe De La Rosa (Castaneda), Dee Duarte De La Rosa, Mary Lou Figueroa De La Rosa, Viola De La Rosa Valenzuela and…

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Aerial View of Five Points Park
Aerial View of Five Points Park in Ventura, California.


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