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Easter at Epworth M. E. Church
Interior view of the Easter decorations at the Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church. A cross decorated with flowers, a floral Star of David, and anchor are visible. Rows of wooden chairs are visible in the foreground.

Valentine Party
Group photo of women in attendance at a Valentine's Day party. They are indoors, in two rows, one row sitting and the other row standing behind them. All of the women are in position for a portrait, but they aren't all still or looking at the camera,…

Christmas Cake
View of the top of a beautifully decorated Christmas cake that was sent to the president of the United States at the time, Calvin Coolidge. William Cook Baker of Bill Baker's bakery in Ojai sent many cakes to presidents, and this was the first of…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Rose Bouquet
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal a bouquet of roses and a boy and a girl exchanging valentines. Reads "To My Valentine" on folded area.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas cards, Easter…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Loving Greetings
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal cupid in a flowery garden, a bouquet of purple flowers in between a boy and a girl. Reads "Loving Greetings" at fold.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Cherubs in Garden
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal a bouquets of flowers and two cherubs playing instruments that are seemingly made of flowers. Reads "To My Valentine" on folded area. Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Cherubs and Carriage
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal a three dimensional scene of two cherubs flying alongside a white carriage. Inside the carriage sits a little girl in a pink dress holding a basket of flowers. Greeting card cataloged and stored in library…

Valentine's Day card with a little girl picking white daisies. There is a paper lace border around her and a cherub fishing with hearts as bait and a little bird in a top hat on a gold heart attached to the card, perhaps pasted on like collage…

Valentine's Day Card - "My Valentine" Little Girl and Dog
Valentine's Day card with a little girl and a dog in front. The little girl's hat reads "My Valentine" on it. The little girls holds a red heart in her hands and she appears to be sitting on the dog. Both the girl and the dog have surprised looks on…

Valentine's Day Card - "To My Valentine" Boy and Girl
Valentine's Day card with a heart cutout in front that reveals a boy trying to give a girl a bouquet of flowers. "To My Valentine" is printed along the bottom.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas…

Valentine's Day Card - "With Fond Love"
Valentine's Day card featuring a woman in a silver doily on a background of birds and flowers and a lacy white paper beneath. A cutout hand with a ribbon reading "With Fond Love" is beneath the woman. Appears to be collage art. Greeting card…


Three Dimensional Folding Valentine's Day Card
Three dimensional folding Valentine's Day card unfolds to reveal a tall tower made of tissue paper. Next to the tower, a little girl sits atop a wall with a little boy standing next to her. A small note along the bottom of the tower reads "To my…


Girls on Easter Sunday
Sanchez family girls and two friends pose for an outdoor full portrait in their Easter Sunday dresses, a couple of the girls are carrying Easter baskets. They are at the Sanchez family home at 326 Santa Clara Street in Fillmore. Girls identified as…

Cinco de Mayo Parade Float
Parade float that reads "Colonia Mex. Fillmore." There is a fence in the foreground as if the photo is taken from inside a yard. Float is for Fillmore May Day and Cinco de Mayo. Records indicate the date is May 5, 1926, but it is possibly May 5,…


Irene Sanchez as a Little Girl, Standing on Parade Float
Irene Sanchez, about age 3, wearing a white dress, knee socks, and hair bow, stands on a parade float. Parade celebrates Fillmore May Day and Cinco de Mayo. There is wording on float that is cut off in the image, but reads "Colonia Mex. Fillmore."…


Miss Perkins as Columbia
Studio portrait of a woman dressed as "Columbia on States Float, July 4th Parade, 1876." The woman is identified as Miss Perkins. There is a backdrop of a fireplace behind her. She wears a crown, a cloak with a long train, and a scepter.

Baltazar Ruiz with Horse
Full portrait of Baltazar "Charo" Ruiz standing with his horse Charley showcasing the Ruiz saddle and bridle. A porch with two young women are visible in the background.

Katherine Hoffman Haley and Santa Claus on a Motorcycle
Katherine Hoffman is sitting astride a motorcycle with Santa Claus riding in a sidecar. They appear to be parked on a bluff. Santa is wearing his traditional outfit and has goggles perched on his hat. Hoffman is wearing a plain jacket, a blouse and…

Inadomi Siblings on Christmas
This image shows Iris, Kiyo, George, and Jean Inadomi posing for their picture beside a Christmas tree. The photo was taken inside the living room of the Inadomi family residence at 619 South C Street, Oxnard, California.

Riave Family at Passover Seder
Riave Family at Passover Seder. Family members are seated in a dining room at a long dining room table. L-R: Kermit Riave, Lionel Riave, Etheyl Riave, Bea Riave, Dora Riave Hantover, Lou Hantover, June Riave, Jean Riave, Irene Riave, Louis Riave, ---…

Hoffman Family Christmas Group Photo
Hoffman family Christmas photo, circa 1956, at Edith Hoffman's home on Lincoln Drive. Back row, L-R: Virginia Mae Haley, Katherine Hoffman Haley, Robert Grant Haley, Andrea Haley Pfister, Connie Bergin, Tom Bergin. Middle row, L-R: Unknown, Katherine…

M.E. Church, Easter 1895
Interior view of flower decorated crosses and communion table. Stained glass windows also visible.

Cross on Hill, Easter Services
A crowd gathers under a cloudy sky around the Cross on the Hill in Ventura. View faces city of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean. Photo caption reads: Easter Sunrise Services Ventura, Calif. 1929."

Kids and a May Pole
A group of boys and girls pose around a May Pole with a woman, possibly a teacher, standing behind them. Photo from Santa Paula Historical Society.

Citizens in Piru celebrating 4th of July circa 1910
Ventura County Co-operative Association in Piru with citizens of Piru celebrating 4th of July 1910? Some are holding United States flags and one person is on horseback. Mountains in background.
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