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DeLee and Skippy A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton and her pet dog Skippy.

Photo A: DeLee sitting in a garden holding Skippy in her lap. She wears a dress with Peter Pan collar. Skippy appears to be a Jack Russel Terrier or similar breed.

Photo B: DeLee…

Giving Out Treats
Outdoor scene showing a woman giving treats to five cats and a dog. Woman wears dark dress and glasses. Cats of various coat patterns eat from the ground. Large dog with curled fur waits eagerly at the woman's side. Wooden structure on left.

Garden Scene, Berylwood
An outdoor garden scene showing the Bard family at their home in Hueneme, Berylwood. Left to right: Anne playing with dog, Berle seated, M. B. Bard knitting, Tom lying on ground, unidentified woman and girl behind Tom, baby Richard in buggy, and…

Women Picking Oranges
Picture of four women picking oranges at the E.W. Daily Ranch. The caption on the photo reads "Picking Oranges in December". Two of the four women are looking at the viewer while one of the women is actively picking oranges as the remaining woman…

Group Photo in Garden
Image depicts a group of four people, three women and one man, sitting in a garden. Each person in the photo has a number over them to help identify the person. From left to right, Nena del Valle Cram, Ysobel del Valle Cram, Charles Lummis, and…

Grape Arbor and Balcony at Rancho Camulos A
Two images depicting outdoor scenes at Rancho Camulos. The first image shows a grape arbor in the yard at the ranch. in the foreground of the image are the leaves and branches of a small tree. In the background is a structure with lattice gate. In…

The Placita Looking North
Image depicting the small plaza at Rancho Camulos looking northward. Shows the plaza and its garden from a birds-eye view. In the background four buildings are visible. Mountains are in the far background.

The Placita at Rancho Camulos
Shows small plaza in the yard at Rancho Camulos. A lawn is in the foreground. Garden of curved hedges with trees. To the right of the image are more shrubs planted along a building. In the background to the left is the outline of mountains.

Ruth Ventura Zapf and Celia Zapf Minister
Shows Ruth Ventura Zapf and Celia Zapf Minister standing on the lawn at 57 N. Laurel Street. Ruth is wearing a checked or gingham skirt. Celia is holding a dark-colored purse. Both women have hair styled with curls. A tree and other foliage in…

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Mission San Buena Ventura and Mission School, Ventura, Calif. 1928 postcard
Postcard shows the San Buenaventura Mission and school from the west and south sides. To the left of the Mission is a garden of flowers as well as four parked cars outside of the Mission. In the background there are hills covered with…

The Olivas Adobe, It Began in 1837 postcard
View of fountain at Olivas Adobe from two angles. Top image shows fountain close up with building in back. Bottom image shows fountain from further away with the entrance archway showing in background.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe…

Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens holding a large root vegetable, possibly a sugar beet. Herman is wearing a light colored, button-up shirt. He is looking at the vegetable. Other plants in background.

Mr. Dawsen and Dog in Garden
Shows Mr. Dawsen and a spotted dog sitting on the ground beside newly planted plants. Dawsen is wearing a white shirt and overalls. He is leaning back on one hand and is looking at the dog. Wooden stakes are in the ground next to the…

Glenn and Ruby Harris Gardening
Shows Ruby and Glenn Harris working in their garden at the Ventura TowneHouse. Both are smiling and looking towards the viewer. Ruby is seated on a concrete deck or walkway and appears to be pulling weeds. She is wearing a striped shirt and dark…


Pavins Company Workers Group Photo
Portrait of a group of men posed with gardening tools in front of a house, another house in background. Men are dressed in hats, overalls, work shirts, and work pants. Writing on photo verso: "Nacho Camarillo and Charles Camarillo, Pavins Company of…

Gardening Scene
Shows Dean Blanchard and Richard Blanchard gardening. The man on the left is kneels next to what appears to be a citrus tree or large shrub. He faces away from the viewer. The man on the right crouches and is holding a basket. A young child sits on…

Loading Truck at Daily and Sons Nursery
Exterior view of the rear of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo. Shows two trucks backed into an unpaved driveway. Four unidentified men load saplings from one truck bed to the other. To left of viewer is a garden covered by a pergola where…

View of the Strathearn House
Exterior view of the Strathearn house. Shows house surrounded by dense trees and foliage. Wooden fence and lawn visible in foreground.

Daily and Sons Nursery
Interior view of a greenhouse or covered garden. View is looking down a walkway between rows of plants. An unidentified person is standing at a work table at the end of the walkway.

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Montalvo Home
An exterior view of a single-story wood home in Montalvo, possibly belonging to the Eaton family. An unidentified woman wearing an apron stands on the front lawn. Flowering bushes, shrubs and a small cypress tree decorate the front lawn.


Three Palm Trees
Image shows three date palm trees standing in the San Buenaventura Mission orchard in early Ventura, CA. Originally there were four Arabian date palm trees in the orchard, which is in present day (2022) Mission Park. A man stands next to one of the…

Three Dimensional Valentine's Day Card - Loving Greetings
Valentine's Day card that opens to reveal cupid in a flowery garden, a bouquet of purple flowers in between a boy and a girl. Reads "Loving Greetings" at fold.Greeting card cataloged and stored in library at: Collection of valentines, Christmas…

Ventura County Hospital, 1900
Exterior side view of the Ventura County Hospital taken from the street in front of it. Garden at side of the hospital in the foreground. Two boys or men are sitting on the fence along the front of the hospital, while three figures stand on the…

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Outdoor full portrait of Susana Sanchez, wife of Arnulfo Sanchez, standing in a garden. She wears a light colored dress and smiles at the viewer.


Roses and Morning Glories
Closeup image of roses and morning glories in a garden. Flowers appear to be growing on a fence or trellis. Photo is mounted.
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