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Plan and Elevation Profile of Proposed Residence on Mint Lane, Ventura
Plan and elevation profile of proposed residence on Mint Lane, Ventura. Plan divided into four sections. Bottom left shows profile of house from the east. Bottom right shows profile of house from the west. Top left shows Mint Lane and floor plan of…

Sherlock Bristol Seated with Grandson Leroy Bristol Chick
Outdoor, full portrait of Sherlock Bristol seated with his grandson, Leroy Bristol Chick standing to the right. What appears to be a hat sits on the ground to the right of Bristol and Chick. A garden and a house with windows are visible in the…

Architectural Drawing of a Foundation Plan for Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones, Santa Paula
Drawing of architectural plans for a residence and garage belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Jones of Santa Paula. Drawing is of foundation plan of home and area of garage leading to driveway.

Montalvo Home
An exterior view of a single-story wood home in Montalvo, possibly belonging to the Eaton family. An unidentified woman wearing an apron stands on the front lawn. Flowering bushes, shrubs and a small cypress tree decorate the front lawn.


A Bachelor's Dwelling in Moorpark
Exterior view of a plain wood building. A trellis is next to a door, with vines growing from the trellis to the roof of the building. An unidentified man holding a hat stands in front of the house. A side door on the right of the house is open.

Map of Elevations, Trees, and Power Poles in Parcel 1, Portion of Tract 24, Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai
Map showing elevations, trees, power poles, etc., in Parcel 1 being a Portion of Tract 24 of the Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai. Both Parcels 1 and 2 are shown on map located below Ojai Avenue. A brick house is visible on Parcel 1.

Plot Plan of Lot 55, Ventura Developers Tract
Plot plan for Mr. and Mrs. Floyd G. Orm of Lot 55, Ventura Developers Tract. Shows map of Lot with proposed house and storm drain easement placement indicated.

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Colony House
Front exterior view of a two-story, wooden colony house, with awning-covered front porch. A wire and wood fence is visible in front of the house. An unidentified figure and horse stand to the right of the house.

Library records indicate Simi…

Home of Casper Borchard on the Conejo
The Casper Borchard family is depicted standing in a row in front of their two-story wood frame house. There is smaller building to the left of the house. Some trees, a windmill and farm implements are visible.

Canet House
View of houses adjacent to the coastline in Ventura. Canet house is on the right, other houses in the background on left. Coastline and beach in the foreground. Bottom of photo reads "Maison Canet Ventura sur mer."

Miss Redmond and Cat
A woman identified as Miss Redmond stands on a walkway leading up to a house. She is slightly bent over a cat that is standing on its hind legs. Perhaps they are playing. In the background are houses.

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C.C. Teague Residence postcard
View of the C. C. Teague home taken from an elevated distance. The home is three stories with a balcony visible on the second story, facing the camera. The home appears to be Tudor style architecture, with prominent half timbering and brick visible…

W.W. Blanchard Residence postcard
View of the W. W. Blanchard home taken from the driveway. Shows the length of the curved driveway and lawn with a coniferous tree that partially obscures the view of the home. The building is two-stories tall, with a staircase leading to a porch and…

Bird's-Eye View of Santa Paula, California postcard
Photo postcard showing a birds-eye view of Santa Paula, taken from a somewhat elevated distance. Many individual buildings are visible. Mountains are in the background.

Caption: Bird's-eye View of Santa Paula, California.

[Albertype Co.,…

Untitled, (Parade Floats) postcard
A parade scene. A woman riding in a cart is holding the reins of four small horses. An automobile decorated in flowers is partially visible behind the horses. The parade appears to be passing a park. Several people, standing and seated, watch the…

Father Samuel Elkin's House at Connville, Maine
Mounted photograph of the exterior of a two story home with a large building, either a garage or barn, attached to it. There is a row of trees along the front of the house and a woman is standing next to one of the trees. Extensive notes o the back…


Theodosia Burr Shepherd's Flower Seed Farm
View of a dirt pathway alongside a fence or wall of blooming flowers. Pathways appears to end at a two story home. Verso of photo reads: "Mrs. T. B. Shepherd flower seed farm Main Street, Laurel, Santa Clara, Kalorama Block. Background A. L. [Arthur…

T. M. McFarland Residence
T. M. McFarland residence on 1st and F streets in Oxnard. Image taken from across the street to show entire two story structure. House has a large tree to the left of the home and a large tree in front obscuring the front entrance. To the right of…

T. M. McFarland Residence
T. M. McFarland residence on 1st and F streets in Oxnard. Image taken from the intersection of 1st and F streets and shows the exterior view of the two-story home with T. M. McFarland standing on a walkway near the left side of the house. Image shows…

Parade along C Street, Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Float
Float has five young girls facing away from the camera and one young woman seated atop a chair facing forward on the float. Sign on the float reads "Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Unity." Image taken in front of residential homes, St. Joseph's Institute…

Oxnard Chamber of Commerce float parked near residential homes, home behind the float has number 125 visible near the door. Float has eight young girls looking towards the camera and a young woman seated in an elevated chair unsmiling looking at the…

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Parade along C Street, Oxnard Chamber of Commerce Float
Float for the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce is parked near residential homes, the home directly behind the float has the number 125 near the door. Float has six young girls seated looking away from the camera and a young woman seated in an elevated…

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Parade along C Street, Men on Motorcycles
Seven men on motorcycles riding along C Street parade. Man on the far right has what looks like a banner or sign covering the front lights of the motorcycle but is unreadable. Image taken in front of residential homes, St. Joseph's Institute visible…

Parade along C Street, Oxnard
Parade along C Street in Oxnard. Men similarly dressed walking near elaborate float with various types of greenery and flowers and a few people sitting atop float. Residential homes in the background with people looking toward the parade. In the…

Movie Set at Point Mugu
Scene of a movie set at Pt. Mugu. View of an old house that looks run down with another smaller building next to it, also run down. There is a small overturned boat in the foreground grass and two cars parked next to the house. In the distance, a man…

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