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Typical Section J Street, Tract No. 1108, Oxnard Estates Unit No. 6 (2 of 2)
Brown line on sepia drawing of typical cross sections section of J Street, Tract No. 1108 of Oxnard Estates Unit No. 6. Shows cross section, mesh and slab anchor, planting schedule, and water outlets. Illustrations located on top half of the sheet. …

Lover's Lane Near Santa Paula
Street view of "Lover's Lane" near Santa Paula. Road is unpaved and lined with large trees. An unidentified person is shown walking in the distance.

Ventura Avenue Road Scene
A view of Ventura Avenue. Road is unpaved with a horse-drawn wagon visible in the background on the right hand side of the image. A wood fence runs along the side of the road. Trees and other foliage are growing along the road and in the background.

Location of Old Sycamore Tree, Rancho Ojai
Black line map showing the location of the old sycamore tree on property line between Carl Sattler and W. D. Blair, Rancho Ojai. Nordhoff Creek Road is visible running through both properties on middle of map. Other surrounding property belongs to…

Map of Elevations, Trees, and Power Poles in Parcel 1, Portion of Tract 24, Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai
Black line map showing elevations, trees, power poles, etc., in Parcel 1 being a Portion of Tract 24 of the Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai. Both Parcels 1 and 2 are shown on map located below Ojai Avenue. A brick house is visible on Parcel 1.

Portion of Highway 126 Map
Grey pencil map depicting part of Highway 126 in an undisclosed location. Includes highway details such as paved shoulder and white lines. A lemon grove is shown above the highway, an orange grove to the bottom left, and a walnut grove to the bottom…

Portion of Lot 13 Topographic Survey Map, Ventura
Grey line topographic map of a portion of Lot 13, Ventura surveyed for Baker Oil Tool Company. Map depicts a rectangular portion of land with drawings of trees. On left side of map Ventura Avenue is visible with edge of concrete pavement, edge of…

Montalvo Heights Map for Site Grading and Tree Removal Plan
Grey and black line map showing tree removal plan for Montalvo Heights. Map shows Crowley Avenue, Elizabeth Drive, and Anthony Drive. Map shows removal is of walnut and lemon grove trees.

Amended Tentative Map of Ferro Tract No. 1
Pencil line amended tentative map of Ferro Tract No. 1 being a portion of Lot M, Eells Tract, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy. Shows topographic lines over area of interest with the then east limits of the City of San Buenaventura indicated. The…

Home of Casper Borchard on the Conejo
The Casper Borchard family is depicted standing in a row in front of their two-story wood frame house. There is smaller building to the left of the house. Some trees, a windmill and farm implements are visible.

"Doc" Cody, Wells Fargo Agent on Oak Street
A horse-drawn Wells Fargo and Company wagon is pictured parked at the side of a dirt street in front of a wooden house on Oak Street. A tree and palm are shown growing in the home's yard. "Doc" Cody, an agent of Wells Fargo is shown driving the…

Old Time Hunting Party
A group of young men who are posed by a campsite for the photo. An animal is visible on the ground in front of the men. Three of the men are wearing ammunition belts around their waists. The campsite is surrounded by trees. A wagon and several horses…

G.A.R. Vets Civil War Gathering
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Civil War vets encampment gathering at Plaza Park in Ventura, Calif. The large group stands in front of tents under trees. According to museum records there "appears to be a rubber tree surrounded by Cypress, 200…

W.W. Blanchard Residence postcard
View of the W. W. Blanchard home taken from the driveway. Shows the length of the curved driveway and lawn with a coniferous tree that partially obscures the view of the home. The building is two-stories tall, with a staircase leading to a porch and…

The Ebell Club, Santa Paula postcard
Three quarter view of Ebell Club building in Santa Paula from left side of the building. The building is two stories with a wooden roof and is surrounded by plants and trees. Foreground has a small stream accompanied by grass and plants with a bridge…

General View of Ventura, California postcard
Bird's eye view of Ventura taken from a hill, next to cacti. Buildings, trees, the coastline and the Channel Islands visible in the background. A street separates the buildings from the hill with the exception of one house located on the hillside. In…

The Palms, Ventura postcard
Portrait view a park with a small building in the center and two large palm trees, known as the Native Daughters Palms. Short brick wall separates park from sidewalk. Other buildings and trees are visible in background behind the park.


Camp Comfort, Ventura postcard
View of a valley oak woodland. Large oak sits at the foreground to the left of the viewer. Its branches extend across the field of view. Many oaks visible in the background. Short grasses line the woodland floor.
[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal.…

A Colorful Santa Paula, California Landmark postcard verso
Color view of a palm tree. Trunk of the palm tree is overgrown with foliage and red flowers. A white fence is visible in front of the tree. Houses and vehicles are visible in the background.

Caption: A Colorful Santa Paula, California…

Historic Sycamore Tree postcard
Color photographic postcard showing a large sycamore tree growing in the middle of a road, at the edge of an intersection. Behind the tree, citrus groves are visible.

Caption: Historic Sycamore Tree - tradition records General Freemont…

Grammar School, Santa Paula postcard
A three-story wood school building clad in shingles. The building has a central tower section with a porch on the first level, an enclosed porch on the second level and an observation deck on the third level that is covered by a pyramid-shaped roof…

Drive, Near Ventura, Cal. postcard
View of an unpaved road with brush and large trees on either side.

[MacGregor Bros., Ventura Cal. (Postcards of Quality, Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)]

Arnaz School Near Ventura, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
Hand-colored photographic postcard. Students of various ages and teachers are posing for a picture in front of the Arnaz School. The girls and women are wearing dresses. Most of the boys appear to be wearing bib-style overalls. The white clapboard…

Camp Comfort, Near Ventura, Cal. postcard
A wagon drawn by two horses being driven under oak trees at Camp Comfort. One oak tree is in the foreground, to the viewer's left.

Caption: Camp Comfort, near Ventura, Cal.

[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, A75204]

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A bird's-eye view of Wheeler's Hot Springs resort showing several buildings, a pool, tennis courts and water flowing in Matilija Creek.

Caption: Wheelers Hot Springs Lamson Photo

[NOKO, Lamson Photo]
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