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G.A.R. Vets Civil War Gathering
Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Civil War vets encampment gathering at Plaza Park in Ventura, Calif. The large group stands in front of tents under trees. According to museum records there "appears to be a rubber tree surrounded by Cypress, 200…

Nordhoff Grammar School Postcard
Exterior front view of the Nordhoff Grammar School. Victorian style architecture with partial scalloped siding, a section of arched windows, and a cupola. The fencing in the foreground appears to be concrete or stone posts with iron cross bars. The…

Lathrop House, Oxnard
Exterior view of the Lathrop house at 355 South G Street in Oxnard, CA. It is a two story home with a porte-cochere and steps leading up to the front door. There is also a row of cypress trees in the front yard.

According to the 1981 Cultural…

Hotel El Roblar
Street view of Hotel El Roblar in Ojai, CA. Image shows front entrance, front landscaping, sidewalk, and a car parked in front of hotel.

St. John's Hospital, Oxnard
Image of St. John's Hospital from a distance. Street in the foreground while trees partially shroud the two story building. Man walking along the grassy area on the right side of the image.

LPW Co. Windmill and T. G. Bard House
View of windmill with trees in background and telephone pole and lines in foreground. Caption reads "LPW Co. [Las Posas Water Company] Windmill SW cor. TR 80 T.G. Bard house on hill."

Nursery and County Bridge Over Canada de los Nogales
Looking over young tree plantings across bridge to nursery and buildings. Caption reads "Looking SE toward Nursery from SE corner Tr. 73, showing County bridge on Stockton Rd. over Cañada de los Nogales."

Ventura County Hospital Exterior
Ventura County Hospital front view of exterior, showing a large stretch of lawn with trees in front of the building. Cars are parked directly in front of the hospital and a car is parked on the street in foreground. A view of the "Five Trees" on the…

Santa Barbara Mission, Distant View
View of the Santa Barbara Mission at right of image through "the olives"--olive trees in the foreground.

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J. G. Hill and Leon Lehmann
Full outdoor portrait of two men, J. G. Hill and Leon Lehmann. They stand alongside a tree, and in the background there stands a house or a building. One man, on left, looks down at his hands where he holds what looks like a piece of fruit. His face…


Front and Palm Streets, Ventura
Front Street and (probably) Palm Street looking northeast. Image shows the intersection with the right side of image showing Front Street with a woman standing next to the railroad tracks; the left side shows Palm Street with a railroad crossing sign…

Simi Orchard Scene
Panoramic view of an orchard in Simi, seen mid image. In the foreground is a tilled field and some shorter crops separating the field from the orchard. On the other sides of the orchard are wind rows.

Stagecoach Inn, Newbury Park, 1895
A man in a cowboy hat sits on a horse cart attached to one horse. The man is next to a large tree with a fence alongside it. The Stagecoach Inn is in the background.

Limoneira Ranch, Bird's Eye View
A bird's eye view of Limoneira Ranch with vast fields and/or orchards and some buildings and houses in the scene. There appear to be taller lines of trees as well, possibly wind rows.

Highway 101--Camarillo Eucalyptus Tunnel
View of Highway 101 running through the middle of the photo flanked by eucalyptus trees on both sides, passing through Camarillo. Eucalyptus trees create a sort of tunnel around the highway. There is a lone car on the highway.

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Ventura County Hospital
Ventura County Hospital exterior view including the driveway leading up to the hospital. Separate building visible behind the hospital on the left of the image. Significant image of "Five Trees" on the hill in the background.

Sanatorium, Ventura, California Postcard
View of a sanatorium near Hillmont and Foothill from a distance, orchards in foreground and mountains in the background. Sanatorium in the middle of image. Significant image of "Five Trees" on the hill in the background.

Park and Post Office, Ventura, California Postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Ventura on Santa Clara Street from Plaza Park across the street. Park grounds in foreground. Many cars are parked along Santa Clara Street. Duplicate of 21882 PC.

Rubber Tree in Plaza Park, Ventura
Shot of the rubber tree, or Moreton Bay Fig tree, in Plaza Park, Ventura, CA. Tree stands at the corner of Santa Clara and Chestnut streets, Chestnut visible behind the tree. Lawn in foreground of image.


Frank Dudley's House
View of Frank Dudley's house, which is a two-story home surrounded by trees and shrubs. The house has trailing vines across the roof. Museum records indicate that it was across the field from Ben Dudley's house (the historical landmark, Dudley…

Dingman Family at Foster Park, Ventura
W. H. Dingman and family sit at a picnic bench under a very large tree at Foster Park in Ventura, CA. There are two women, a man, and a boy looking at the viewer. A convertible or open car is on the left of the image, parked in the grass.

Oxnard Plaza Park
Bird's eye image of Oxnard Plaza Park. It appears to be composed of two images put together. The park with trees and various walking paths is in the foreground. Buildings and houses are in the background.

Appears to be a small section of…

John Larronde Poses with Surfboards
John Larronde poses with his two surfboards next to a tree. One board has stripes the other is solid. Both are almost double the man's height. John is wearing a plaid shirt and pants and is looking to the viewer's right.

Museum notes indicate the…

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Old Creek Road
Landscape view of Old Creek Road. Trees line either side of a dirt road. A woman and a child are holding hands and walking away from the viewer.

Livery Team at Camp Comfort
Mounted photograph featuring a landscape view of Camp Comfort in Ojai, Calif. A livery team of two mules and a cart are standing in a clearing between trees. Sunlight is streaming through the trees onto the ground.
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