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Chapel Interior at Rancho Camulos
Picture of the inside of the chapel at Rancho Camulos. In the center of the image is the altar with a figure of the Virgin Mary above the altar. To the right of the image is a kneeling bench for prayer and a window. To the left of the image is a…

Entrance to the Chapel
Image depicts the corridor that leads into the chapel at Rancho Camulos. Lattice fencing on both sides of the corridor. A bench sits outside of the chapel door. To the left of the door are a long bench and potted plants. The interior of the chapel is…

Chapel Interior at Rancho Camulos
Image shows the chapel at Rancho Camulos. In center is the altar, with candles and Christian paraphernalia on top of it. A portrait of Jesus Christ is on the left of the altar, a second indistinct framed picture is to the right of the altar. On the…

Group at Table
Shows four people seated at a table. Shelves of jars, bottles, and packages to left of table. Oven and stove in left side foreground. Man in center is identified as Arturo Ruiz. The woman seated on the left may be Raphaela Cota Ruiz.

Worker Residence FSA Camp, El Rio
Interior view of a worker residence at the Farm Security Administration (FSA) Camp in El Rio. Woman wearing apron and checkered dress stands by stove with back to viewer. A young girl is seated nearby at a table, and is turned away from the viewer.…

Faustino Lopez's Grocery Store Interior, Santa Paula
Interior view of Faustino Lopez's Mexican Grocery Store in Santa Paula. Customer, Quejada leaning against counter. Shop owner, Faustino Lopez and his sons, Celso and Jose behind counter. Shelves of goods visible behind counter.

Note: Museum…

Stacking Boxes at Fillmore Sespe Packing House
Interior view of Fillmore Sespe Packing House, showing two workers handling crates branded with packing labels.

Easter at Epworth M. E. Church
Interior view of the Easter decorations at the Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church. A cross decorated with flowers, a floral Star of David, and anchor are visible. Rows of wooden chairs are visible in the foreground.

New Cafe Interior at Point Mugu, 1940
An interior view of the new cafe at Point Mugu. A row of tables and chairs line a wall with large windows. Two unidentified people are seated at a table. Containers with large flower arrangements are on two of the tables. A lunch counter is in…

Ventura Free Press Office
Interior view of the Ventura Free Press office. Three unidentified men are visible in the far end of the office, standing next to a printing press. A fourth man is seated to the right of the printing press. In the foreground is a work station with…

F. W. Baker Hardware Store
Interior view of F. W. Baker Hardware Store. Two men, F. W. Baker at left and J. H. Morrison at right, are standing in the middle of the image, between two glass countertops. Baker is wearing a dark suit. Morrison is wearing an apron over a long…

R. G. Percy and Ed Wenig
R. G. Percy and Ed Wenig, dressed in suit and tie, are seated at a table together at the Ventura County Historical Society dinner meeting. Other attendees are visible, seated in the background.

Grocery store interior.

Interior of a bakery.

Mission San Buenaventura interior.

Interior of a specialty store with two men holding ukuleles.

Interior of Mission San Buenaventura

Interior of a butcher shop.

Dining room in a residential house.

Interior of a hat store.


Interior of a parlor or living room.

Restaurant interior.

Dining room in a house .
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