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A. Levy Looking at Hogs
Outdoor scene of A. Levy at his home in Hueneme. Levy is standing by a pig pen, and is looking over fence at three hogs. Hogs are sniffing ground and eating. Levy is wearing suit and hat. Buildings in background.

Photograph given to A. Levy Bank…

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Philomena Constance and Husband
Shows Philomena Louie Constance (standing) with her husband. Philomena is wearing a dark shirt and patterned apron. She has one arm resting on her husband's shoulder. Her husband is seated. He wears a dark suit and tie. He is holding a hat in his…

Grape Arbor Over Two Lovers
Outdoor scene at Rancho Camulos taken from under the grape arbor. In the foreground of the image the sides and top of the arbor are visible. Grape leaves hang down from the arbor. Outside the arbor is a picket fence with a gate. A man and woman…

Man and Woman on Porch
Image depicts an unidentified man and woman standing on the porch of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The man is in motion seemingly bowing at the woman while the woman looks towards the man. The man is wearing a suit and the woman is wearing a…

Portrait of Charles F. Zapf
Portrait of Charles Frederich Zapf. Charles is turned three-quarters to the viewer's right. He is wearing a dark-colored suit, waistcoat, and bow tie. He wears a drooping mustache. He is posed with his hands in his pockets.

R. G. Percy at Ventura County Pioneer Museum
Shows Richard Gird Percy standing by the sign for the Ventura County Pioneer Museum on California Street. Percy is wearing a dark suit, a striped tie, and a light-colored, brimmed hat. Foliage visible behind sign.

VC Pioneer Museum later moved to…

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Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens holding a large root vegetable, possibly a sugar beet. Herman is wearing a light colored, button-up shirt. He is looking at the viewer. Other plants in background.

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Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens kneeling behind the wheel of a gardening tool. He is holding root vegetables, possibly sugar beets, in both hands. He is wearing a light-colored, button-up shirt, and is looking down at the viewer.

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Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens holding a large root vegetable, possibly a sugar beet. Herman is wearing a light colored, button-up shirt. He is looking at the vegetable. Other plants in background.

Mr. Dawsen and Dog in Garden
Shows Mr. Dawsen and a spotted dog sitting on the ground beside newly planted plants. Dawsen is wearing a white shirt and overalls. He is leaning back on one hand and is looking at the dog. Wooden stakes are in the ground next to the…

Gardening Scene
Shows Dean Blanchard and Richard Blanchard gardening. The man on the left is kneels next to what appears to be a citrus tree or large shrub. He faces away from the viewer. The man on the right crouches and is holding a basket. A young child sits on…

Ventura Beach After a Storm, 1907
View of an unidentified man standing on the Ventura Beach after a storm, with the pier in background. Taken at the foot of California Street. The man is facing the ocean. Rocks and pools of water cover the beach.

Joe Schwartz at the Fillmore Historical Museum
View of Joe Schwartz looking at railroad artifacts at the Fillmore Historical Museum. Schwartz is shown on the left side of the view, leaning on a glass display case that contains the artifacts. Schwartz wears a dark jacket, light pants, a tie, and…

Surfing on the Sand
Group photo of four men and a boy on a beach. The men are standing on surfboards and pose to look like they are riding the surfboards. The boy watches from the right side of the image. A building and telephone wire are visible in the background. The…

Two Men and Cart
View of two men looking at the contents of a horse-drawn cart. Burlap sacks are visible in the cart. The man in front of the cart has his back turned to the viewer and is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and long coat. The man behind the cart is facing the…

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Portrait of Reverend Baba Kusaburo and His Wife
Portrait of Reverend Baba Kusaburo and his wife. Kusaburo stands on the left side of the image, holding a cane in one hand, a book in the other. He is wearing a dark coat and has a long, white beard and mustache. Kusaburo's wife sits on the right…

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Military Photographers Group Portrait
Outdoor group portrait of six male military photographers seated and kneeling on steps. Four men holding up their cameras. Man in center wearing a different uniform than the others. One man appears to be smoking a cigar.

Note: Museum records…

Boy Scout Troop 203 at Wild Cat Decathlon
Group photo Boy Scout Troop 203 at the Wild Cat Decathlon. Two men and six boys of various ages. The boys are dressed in Boy Scout uniforms and displaying medals and awards. Man in center appears to be dressed as a scout leader, the man on the right…

Nailing Covers Upon Boxes Ready for Shipment
Interior scene of a Limoneira worker nailing covers onto boxes of citrus fruit that are ready to be shipped. The worker is standing at a work table with a Limoneira box in front of him. There is a blur from the motion of hitting nails with a hammer.…

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Portrait of a Priest
A full body portrait of an unidentified priest. He is standing and holding a hat and cane in his hands.

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Portrait of a Weary Firefighter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
Portrait of a firefighter sitting on the ground, massaging his right foot. His boot is on the ground next to him. He is holding his sock in his right hand. His face appears to be smudged with dirt or ash.

Note: Museum records indicate that the…

Injured Man in Helicopter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
View of an injured man through glass body of helicopter. The helicopter pilot is leaning forward and his face is obscured by the controls. Injured man and pilot appear to be speaking to two men outside of the helicopter.

Note: Museum records…

Joe Mendoza Leading March Protesting "English Only" Ordinance
Joe Mendoza carrying an American flag at the front of a march to protest the "English only" ordinance in Fillmore. Crowd of other protestors visible behind Mendoza, some carrying signs. Legible signs read "Respect all cultures," "Retract the…

Melanie Allred and Freddie the Goat
Portrait of Melanie Allred posed with her goat "Freddie," the grand champion Anglo-Nubian goat at the Ventura County Fair. Tom Pugliese on left and Plinky Mier on right. Freddie is wearing a floral cape. Signs in background for 4-H and Ventura County…
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