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Man with a Dairy Cattle
Image of a man and a dairy cow on a ranch. The man is wearing a white button up shirt with a tie, slacks, and a hat. The dairy cow is looking at the camera and its head is held by the man. A small portion of a barn full of hay can be seen to the…

Group Gathering in Front of Automobile
Group of people gathering around an automobile. There are two people in front of the automobile to the right side of the image, possibly E. W. Daily and his wife. The rest of the group, situated on the left side of the photo, is facing the two people…

Man with a Dairy Cow
Image of an unidentified man and a dairy cow on a ranch. The man is wearing a white button up shirt with a tie, slacks, and a hat. The man is facing the camera and has a hand on the cow's head or neck. The dairy cow is looking towards the right side…

Barnyard with Geese
Image depicts a barn at Rancho Camulos. In the barnyard a group of geese walk toward a pool of water. In the background the barn itself stands with horses underneath it grazing. A cow is laying on the ground beside the barn. In the very front of the…

Main Residence, Hamm-J Ranch, Ojai - Master Plan
Overall master plan and property boundary data showing a portion of Tract 24, Bard Subdivision of Rancho Ojai. Map shows location of main house, bunk house, farm worker house, barn, paddocks and grape field. Indicates location of water lines, water…

Eaton's Farm in Montalvo
View of the Eaton farm taken from a path outside the fence. On the right side of the view, a man, possibly Mr. Eaton, wearing a waistcoat poses with his hands behind his back. A barn, windmill, tower, and fields are visible in the background.

Survey of Part of Subdivision 74, Rancho Colonia
Grey pencil survey map of part of Subdivision 74, Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara o la Colonia, made for Louis Lissner. Hueneme Road and the State Highway (Highway 1) are located on left side of the map. Area of interest has bold lines around it and…

Tentative Minor Map for Portion of Lot 5, Rancho Calleguas
Map of portion of Lot 5 on Rancho Calleguas, showing the Adolfo Camarillo Ranch House. Map portion is divided into Parcels A and B. Parcel A is on left side of lot and includes some flora while Parcel A is to the right and contains flora as well as…

Patterson Ranch Scene
Bird's eye view of numerous teams of horses pulling wagons or agricultural equipment surrounded by many barns. Men and teams are leaving the various barns for a day of work. In the foreground, in the buggy, are C. J. Daily and his son T. C. Daily.

Black-and-white footage of camping and general frontier life, some disturbing and graphic, featuring a variety of animals, interspersed with scenes of activity in and around a newly developed town.

Men cook, roll cigarettes, pose for portraits in…

Reginaldo Ruiz With Toddler and Dog
Reginaldo Ruiz and "Chickadee" Agnes Cruickshank, a toddler, outside a home possibly on South Ventura Street in Ojai. They are outdoors and Reginaldo is crouching next to Agnes and there is a dog at their feet. There are some buildings behind them, a…

Teague-McKevett Ranch Noon Scene
Panorama of Teague-McKevett Ranch with agricultural workers standing in a line in foreground of photo. A house, a barn, mules, buildings/sheds, a man dressed all in white (like a cook?), wind rows, and orchards are visible. Mountains in the…

Loren Ayers Barn
Loren Ayers barn, exterior view. Barn has a cupola and open barn doors show a car is parked inside. Print is mounted.

Limoneira Ranch, Stables and Corral
View of Limoneira Ranch stables and corral. Men stand alongside horses and mules, and one man sits in a wagon hitched to two horses loaded with what appear to be lemons.
[Woodís Inc., published for Edwin Virden, Santa Paula, Cal., 141]

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House and barnyard.

Man sitting on miniature train, Fillmore.

Farm Scene
Panoramic view of a farm in the Simi, Moorpark area. Barn, windmill, farmhouse, orchard are in the scene. Mountains in background.

Work teams at ranch/farm.

Farm with orchard.

Cattle stockyard.

Stockyard with barns, cattle, and men.

Limoneira Barnyard
Barnyard scene with wagon teams, men and barns at Limoneira Ranch. Photo taken from above the scene. Mountains in background.
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