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Plaza School
Front exterior view of the Plaza School in Ventura, California, located on Santa Clara Street.

Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Interior view of the arcade on Ojai Avenue in Ojai, storefronts on left and arcade arches on right. Caption reads "Arcade Nordhoff, Calif.)
[AZO (Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.)]

Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
View of Libbey Park through arcade at entrance. A dog is on the right side of the image. Caption reads "Arcade, Nordhoff, Calif."
[AZO (Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.)]

Bank of A. Levy under Construction, Oxnard
Exterior view of Bank of A. Levy under construction on 5th and A streets. Image shows the front entrance and the left side of the building. Near the sidewalk on the left side of the bank are piles of debris with two men standing. There is a ladder on…

Lathrop House, Oxnard
Exterior view of the Lathrop house at 355 South G Street in Oxnard, CA. It is a two story home with a porte-cochere and steps leading up to the front door. There is also a row of cypress trees in the front yard.

According to the 1981 Cultural…

Oxnard Carnegie Library
Exterior side view of the Oxnard Carnegie Library. Image taken from the street view to the right side of the entrance. Buildings visible to the left and right of the library. Three cars parked to the right side of the library.

Santa Clara Roman Catholic Church, Oxnard
Santa Clara Roman Catholic Church on 3rd and E Streets in Oxnard. Image taken of the church exterior from 3rd Street looking toward the entrance of the church with trees surrounding the building. The entire building is visible in the frame with cross…

Ventura County Hospital Exterior
Exterior view of the Ventura County Hospital, showing front landscaping and parking lot. Street in foreground.

Ojai Portico and Post Office
Scene showing a group of people on horseback crossing the intersection where the Ojai Post Office building and portico stand. The arcade across Ojai Street is on the left of the image. Image taken from Signal Street looking south. Another two people…

Oxnard Public Library
Exterior bird's eye view of the Carnegie Library in Oxnard. It is a large, white, classical-style building with columns and triangular ends completed in 1906. It sits on a corner lot and the houses and buildings behind and next to it are visible.…

Ventura County Courthouse from a Distance
Exterior view of the Ventura County Courthouse building (now Ventura City Hall, 2022) from a distance, showing a house, an empty lot, and part of another house in foreground. Part of Poli Street visible as well running in front of the courthouse. In…

Ventura County Courthouse
Exterior view of the Ventura County courthouse building (which is now Ventura City Hall, 2022). Photo taken diagonally from across Poli Street. Image also shows a man in a car and a man just outside of the car in front of the building.

Ventura Theatre Opening
View of crowds of men and women gathered in front of Ventura Theatre on Chestnut Street for its opening in August 1928. Side view of theatre from across the street just south of the theater. It appears to be evening. Marquee reads: New Ventura…

Schiappa Pietra Home, Exterior From Street
Exterior view of the Schiappa Pietra house as seen from across a street in foreground of image. House is partially obscured by bushes and trees. Image taken in 1958 before the home was demolished that same year.

Schiappa Pietra Home, Exterior
Exterior view of the Schiappa Pietra house as seen through the front gate. Fountain in front of the home visible. Top of image is bordered by trees. Image taken in 1958 before the home was demolished that same year.

Public Library, Ventura, California, "Foster Library" postcard
Exterior view of the Foster Library in Ventura, a three story brick building with what appear to be two entrances--one on the ground floor, and one on the second floor that has steps leading up to it on both sides of the building. It shows a vast…

County Hospital-Ventura postcard
Exterior view of the Ventura County Hospital building showing the front entrance, circular drive in front of it, and landscaping around building. The building is two stories, Spanish style, with many windows (some arched), and a tile roof.

Collins-Taylor Building, Ventura
Exterior front and side views of the Collins-Taylor building at the southwest corner of California and Main Streets in downtown Ventura, CA. Bank appears to be three stories and has a rounded corner where the entrance door is. There are some bicycles…

Exterior of Cook Mansion
Exterior view of Cook Mansion taken from the back yard, looking upward. Image shows a long room attached to the back of the home with many windows on the left of the image, main home of the right. Also known as the Piru or Newhall Mansion.

Newhall Mansion
Exterior view of the Newhall Mansion, also known as the Piru Mansion and Cook Mansion. Landscaping in front of the mansion as well as mountains behind visible.

Ventura County Courthouse
Aerial front view of the Ventura County Courthouse and driveway. The courthouse is a white, two-story building with Neoclassical features and a Spanish tile roof. Museum records indicate that the courthouse was completed in 1913.

Leslie T. White…

C. G. Bartlett's First Home in Ventura, California
First home of C.G. Bartlett on Santa Clara Street in Ventura. He later moved across the street once a newer home was built. Front exterior view of a two story home with ornate designs on the front porch and eaves. Front porch/portico has a gazebo on…

Alice Cooney and Pupils at Del Norte School
Distant shot of Alice Cooney, teacher, and here pupils at Del Norte Grammar School. Students are gathered around Ms. Cooney and some are sitting on a railing. Some students are partially visible at the top of the photo standing in the bell tower…

Seminary in Santa Barbara
Mounted photo of the exterior of Saint Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara. It is a brick 3 or 4 story structure with arched and dormer windows. Stone crosses decorate the front and sides of building and there is a low brick wall along the front of…
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