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Main Street View, Ventura, 1929
View of a busy Main Street scene looking west from in front of the E. P. Foster Library. There are several parked and driving cars in the scene. Many storefronts are visible, and the Hotel De Leon is prominent on the right side of the image.

Oxnard Sugar Factory
Exterior distant view of the Oxnard Sugar Factory. Image shows a dirt road and what appears to be a railroad track in the foreground. There are also two figures standing in the foreground facing the factory. Factory buildings are in view, as well as…

First National Bank, Santa Paula
Exterior view of First National Bank in Santa Paula. The building sits on a corner (West Main and southwest corner of Mill). Adjacent to the bank is a bakery and confectioners at 102 West Main. There is a horse and carriage in front of the bank. Two…

St. John's Seminary and College postcard
Exterior front and side view of St. John's Seminary and College, including some of the landscaping around the building.
[No publisher stated, KV2683-1]

Ysoardy Building Stereoscope
Stereoscope of a long one story building on Main Street in Ventura, CA. The building has a long porch where several men are standing and sitting. Building was across from Mission San Buenaventura. Main Street in foreground.

Museum records indicate…

American Beet Sugar Works
American Beet Sugar Works building side exterior view, with train cars in foreground. Smoke pouring out of the smoke stacks visible.

Ventura Fire Department, 1910s
Group photo of men, some in uniform, standing on the street in front of the Ventura Fire Department on the northeast corner of Santa Clara Street and California Street. There are two fire trucks that the men sit in, stand on, or lean on. Part of the…

Oxnard Opera House
Exterior front view of the Oxnard Opera House. Building was located on the west side of C Street between 5th and 6th Streets. Opera House was previously a skating rink called Dreamland. In January 1909, M. W. Hurst, now sole owner began to convert…

Foster Park Intersection and Buildings
Glossy outdoor bird's eye view photograph of Foster Park. Description from library records: "We are looking at Hwy 33 and today's Casitas Vista Rd. Foster Park Market in center of photograph. To the right is Foster Park Café advertising 'Lunches.' A…

United States Post Office, Oxnard 1935 postcard
Exterior view of the post office in Oxnard with cars parked in front of it. It appears to be a one and a half or two story building with a tiled roof. A US flag flies on the left side of the image. Post office is on B Street, seen in foreground of…

Collins-Taylor Building, Ventura
Exterior front and side views of the Collins-Taylor building at the southwest corner of California and Main Streets in downtown Ventura, CA. Bank appears to be three stories and has a rounded corner where the entrance door is. There are some bicycles…

San Buenaventura Mission Exterior Rear View, 1874
View of back of San Buenaventura Mission, founded 1782, showing the grounds around the mission as well as some buildings in the city of Ventura. In the foreground is a wooden fence. Scene reaches out to the Pacific Ocean, visible in the top quarter…

Street Scene, Hueneme, 1895
Glossy photocopy of "Street Scene Hueneme 1895. M. E. Church and School in background". Busy scene showing men on horseback and horses pulling large wagons of cargo through Hueneme. Smaller wagons and horses also visible in dirt street, parked in…

California School for Girls, Ventura, California postcard
Distant view of six large white buildings nestled on a hillside making up the California School for Girls in Ventura. A car is visible driving away from the school. "California School for Girls, Ventura, California" printed along the bottom of the…

Aerial View of Ventura Marina, 1966
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor/Marina. View of Ventura Port District or Ventura Harbor Patrol building and other smaller buildings. Large letters "PD" are visible in front of the Port District or Harbor Patrol building. Dry docked or dry storage boats…

Brakey Road, Ventura, CA
View of Brakey Road looking north from Poli Street toward houses at top and left of image. The courthouse annex (Ventura City Hall) and county jail are on the right.

San Buenaventura Mission and Old Chinatown
View of the San Buenaventura Mission and Chinatown buildings along Figueroa Street. Photograph is taken from Santa Clara Street. A long dirt road leads up to the Mission with a row of buildings along one side and a fence with trees on the other side.…

Aerial View of San Buenaventura Mission
Bird's eye view of the San Buenaventura Mission and the town looking southeast from Poli Street. Various buildings and what appears to be a large garden plot area can be seen.

Lee Phillip's Grocery Store & Post Office
Portrait of an unidentified man standing on the porch of a small wooden building with a sign that reads "Sespe-Post-Office". There is an advertisement for "Shaw's Soda Water" under the Post Office sign. The man appears to be in some sort of uniform.

Piru Methodist Church
Exterior view of Piru Methodist Church. A large hill or mountain visible just behind the church.

First Presbyterian Church, Ventura
Exterior view of the front entrance to First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Oak and Meta Streets in Ventura, CA. One building adjacent to the church is also visible. Dirt road in front of the church as well as the sidewalk across the street…

Distant view from across a highway (Pacific Coast Highway in foreground) of Chancelor Canfield Midway Oil Company at Rincon Field. Buildings and oil derricks dotting the hillside in the background are visible.

Loma Hall Demolition
Exterior view of Loma Hall at Ventura County Hospital. Construction equipment is being used to demolish the building to make way for a new 4-story building.

Loma Hall
Exterior view of Loma Hall at Ventura County Hospital. The image is taken from between trees, which frame the white building. There appears to be bulldozer working in front of the building. Image taken during a demolition in 1981 to make way for a…

Aerial View of West End of Ventura
Aerial view of the West end of Ventura, looking towards the center of town. On the right of the image is the Pacific Ocean; center of image shows city of Ventura, Ventura River and Ventura River Bridge; mountains and hills on left of image.
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