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Hill's Photo Service
Shows exterior storefront of Hill's Photo Service. The shop was located at 610 N. Ventura Avenue, and was operated by David W. Hill. Several signs visible in window.

Ventura Free Press Office
Outdoor scene showing the Ventura Free Press office on right with sign. Home with fence on the left. Trees line wooden sidewalk. Street appears to be unpaved. Man wearing top hat is walking a spotted dog by the offices. Man is identified as Dr.…

Avenue Community Church Advertising Card postcard
Exterior view of the Avenue Community Church in Ventura. Card used to advertise church services.

[No Publisher Stated, 43092-C]

People in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
View of five unidentified people standing in front of the Ventura County Court House. The five people are on the left of the image, with automobile nearby. The front facade and entrance of courthouse are visible.

Avalon, Catalina Island
View of the beach and town of Avalon on Catalina Island. The caption of the image reads "Avalon, Catalina Island, California" The beach is crowded with people. Pier and boats are visible. Storefronts and houses are visible along the beach and in the…

Old Pavilion at Ventura County Fair
Shows the exterior of the old pavilion building at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. View taken from grassy field in center of racetrack. People leading animals walk along the track, and pavilion. Two American flags on pavilion roof.

Charles Lummis on Horseback
View of Charles Lummis sitting on horseback in front of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The veranda and main door of the building are visible.

Building with Picket Fence
Image depicts a building with a white picket fence at Rancho Camulos. To the right of the building is a fence. Behind the fence is a line of trees. In the background are mountains and a cloud covering a mountain valley.

The South Veranda A
Two views of the south veranda at Rancho Camulos. The first image shows the veranda from underneath the awning and shows the windows, doors, and the porch. The second image shows the veranda from the garden. Shows the dirt ground in front of the…

The Placita Looking North
Image depicting the small plaza at Rancho Camulos looking northward. Shows the plaza and its garden from a birds-eye view. In the background four buildings are visible. Mountains are in the far background.

The Placita Looking North
Image shows the small plaza in Rancho Camulos looking northward. View of curved hedges and trees. There are three buildings visible behind the plaza garden. Forested area and mountains visible in background.

The Placita at Rancho Camulos
Shows small plaza in the yard at Rancho Camulos. A lawn is in the foreground. Garden of curved hedges with trees. To the right of the image are more shrubs planted along a building. In the background to the left is the outline of mountains.

Fulkerson Hardware, Somis
Three-quarters exterior view of Fulkerson Hardware. The sign is painted with bold letters at the top and to the side of the building. Big glass windows show the wares within the store. A neighboring building can be seen to the right of the image as…

Fulkerson Hardware, Somis
Three-quarter exterior view of Fulkerson Hardware. The sign is painted with bold letters at the top and to the side of the building. Big glass windows show the wares within the store. A neighboring building can be seen to the right of the image as…

Ventura County Museum of History and Art
Panoramic view of the Ventura County Museum of History and Art exterior, now called the Museum of Ventura County. Shows the museum entrance prior to construction of the Plaza and the Smith Pavilion. Wooden, two-wheeled cart and succulent garden are…

Ventura County Historical Museum, 1978
Exterior view of north and west sides of the Ventura County Historical Museum, now called the Museum of Ventura County. Shows museum entrance, and flagpole next to entrance flying United States and California State flags. Main Street sidewalk visible…


Ventura County Pioneer Museum
Exterior view of the Ventura County Pioneer Museum at it's location on California Street. Shows wisteria growing on trellis outside entrance. Wooden sign that reads, "Ventura County Pioneer Museum," is in front of building.

VC Pioneer Museum later…

Ventura County Court House, Ventura, Cal. postcard
East and southern views of Ventura County Courthouse. Building is Neoclassical architecture.
Verso: Describes writer's train ride from Ventura to Santa Barbara, CA.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. C.T. American Art, A-65871]

Sespe Avenue Grade School postcard
View of the Sespe Avenue Grade School in Fillmore from the front. The entranceway can be seen along with the steps that lead up to it. A tall flagpole stands off center in the foreground of the image alongside two trees on both sides of the school. …

Charles Carroll Funeral Home postcard
Exterior view of the Charles Carroll Funeral Home from the street. Showcases a car parked on the curbside next to the establishment.

Verso: Tells the location and name of the Charles Carroll Funeral Home.

[Paul's Photography, Ventura,…

Securing Surfboard to Trailer
Shows an unidentified man securing a surfboard to a trailer with rope. Man is wearing a striped shirt and has coiffed hair. Automobile, house, and tree visible in background.

Old Hotel Garden
Shows the garden space of a hotel between Mission and Palm Streets. Five people are shown in the garden, standing and sitting near a door. Foliage partially obscures the group. Writing on photo verso: "A gathering spot to talk and smoke pipe."

Avenue Water Treatment Plant
Bird's-eye view of the water treatment plant on Ventura Avenue. Building is multi-story, and in Spanish colonial style. Farmland and hills visible in background.


House Overlooking Flooded Sespe Creek
View of a two-storied, wooden home next to the flooded Sespe Creek. Large stones appear in the bottom right of the foreground. Water seems to be moving quickly with visible rapids.
Caption: "House almost washed away Sespe"

View of Fillmore, 1890s
Street view of early Fillmore, taken from past the railroad tracks. Several buildings including a saloon are visible. Frame work of a building under construction is visible in the distance, left of center. Mountains in the background.
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