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Don Antonio Coronel & Wife Dancing
Image depicts Don Antonio Coronel dancing with his wife. Don Antonio is on the right side of the image in a dancing stance, wearing a black suit with a sarape-like cloth hanging over his shoulders. His wife is on the left of the image wearing a dark,…

Epifanio and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo
Shows Epifanio (right) and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo standing next to a parked automobile on Meta Street. Erlinda is wearing a light-colored dress. Epifanio is wearing a dark cardigan sweater and striped tie. A dog is visible sitting in the driver's…

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J. F. Roth and Juanita
Portrait of J. F. Roth seated, with his wife Juanita standing behind him on the right of the photo. Roth wears a dark pinstriped suit, a thick mustache, and curly hair parted on his left. Juanita wears a dark dress with a lace collar, several tiers…

Thomas and Ella Elizabeth Gould
Bust portrait of Thomas and Ella Elizabeth Gould, embracing and smiling at one another. Image taken in their later years. Negative appears to have been made from a book or scrapbook.

They had two children, Olive Crane Gould (born 1881), and Thomas…

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Clara and Nick Peirano, Sr.
Full outdoor candid portrait of Clara and Nick Peirano, Sr. Image appears to have been taken of them in their later years.


Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood
Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood, seated outdoors holding an open book in their laps. Both look off to the left of the viewer. Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood were from El Rio. Photo appears to be cut out into an oval shape.

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Adolphe & Tess Flynn
Bust portrait of Adolphe and Tess Flynn looking at each other surrounded by branches of an evergreen tree. They are gazing and smiling at one another and reaching their right hands toward each other.

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Adolphe & Tess Flynn
Full group portrait of Adolphe and Tess Flynn standing outside. He is wearing a white shirt, dark pants and a tie. She is wearing a dress with a tie and coat. They are both looking at the viewer. The photograph is damaged in the lower left corner.


Clyde and Kitty Wykoff
Full portrait of Clyde Wykoff and Kitty Wykoff, standing in an orchard in Nordhoff. They were Ventura County pioneers.

Antonio and Juana Guerrero Wedding Day Portrait
Full portrait of Antonio and Juana Guerrero on the occasion of their wedding. Antonio wears a dark suit and bowtie, and Juana wears a knee length white dress with a crown and veil that drapes o the floor around them. There are pillows strewn on the…

Isabel Carrillo and Maria Sanchez Wedding Photo
Outdoor full portrait of Isabel Carrillo, left, and his bride, Maria Sanchez (daughter of Lorenzo Sanchez). Isabel wears a suit, tie, boutonniere, and holds a hat in one hand. Maria wears an ankle length dress, gloves, a headpiece and veil, and holds…

Victor Ustasaustagui and Maria del Espíritu Ortega
Portrait of Victor Ustasaustagui and his wife Maria del Espíritu Ortega. He sits in a chair with an arm resting on a side table and she stands with one hand resting on his shoulder. They both look at the viewer.

John Hughes and Jennie Rivera Wedding Portrait
Full portrait of Jennie Rivera, standing, and John Hughes for the occasion of their wedding. Jennie wears a dark dress with white gloves and is holding what appear to be white fabric ribbons in one hand. John is seated in a chair wearing a suit with…

Portrait of a Chinese Couple
Full standing portrait of a Chinese man and woman wearing traditional Chinese clothing. Both are looking into the camera. There is a chair between them and the woman holds a flower in her hand, while the man holds an umbrella in one hand and what…


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Seckinger
Full portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Seckinger on the day of their wedding. Mrs. Seckinger wears a floor length veil and Mr. Seckinger three piece suit or tuxedo with bowtie and boutonniere.

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gill
Full portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Gill of Springville. Mr. Gill is seated with legs crossed facing the camera, and Mrs. Gill stands at his side, hands resting on his chair, turned to the left of the viewer looking left.

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Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Arnold
Full portrait of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Arnold of Hueneme. Mr. Arnold was a County Supervisor in 1918 according to library records. He sits in an upholstered, fringed chair while she rests her arms on the chair, standing slightly behind him. Both look at…

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Myrtle Shepherd and Lee White Lloyd
Full portrait of Myrtle Shepherd and Mr. Lee White Lloyd. They face each other, but Shepherd looks down at a flower while Mr. Lloyd looks down at her. According to library records: Mr. Lloyd was Myrtle Shepherd's first husband and a teacher. They…

Louisa Ruiz Walker and Walter Walker
Full portrait of Louisa Ruiz Walker and her husband Walter Walker sitting on the steps of the first house that they lived in together. Louisa is wearing a coat with a fur collar and Walter is wearing a suit and holding a fedora in his hands between…

Gabriel Ruiz on Horse "Teddy" and Girl Friend
Outdoors photograph of Gabriel Ruiz sitting on top of a white horse named Teddy. He is in a Spanish dancer suit, smiling and looking down at his girlfriend, who is wearing a flats, a skirt, a multicolored striped sweater and a scarf. She is also…

Gabriel Ruiz and Wife
Outside posed photograph of Gabriel Ruiz with his wife (?). Gabriel is wearing what may be traditional Spanish dress or a costume and they are standing in front of trees and bushes.

Maria Sinfosa Nidever Ruiz and Baltazar Pedro "Charo" Ruiz
Outside photograph of married couple Maria Sinfosa Nidever Ruiz and Baltazar Pedro "Charo" Ruiz standing in front of a wooden house with trees and plants. Maria is wearing a dress with heels and a straw hat while Charo is wearing a dark suit with…

Pedro Ruiz and Maria Y. R. Duarte
Portrait Pedro Ruiz and Maria Ygnacia Real Duarte for the occasion of their wedding. Duarte is wearing a white dress, white gloves and a long lace veil. Ruiz is seated, wearing a gray suit with a lapel flower. Both are looking at the viewer. Museum…

Juan Ordoñez and Amadita Chavez Portrait
Full portrait of Juan Ordoñez, standing, and his wife, Amadita Chavez. She is leaning into him, both are looking at the camera, and there is a vase of flowers on the floor beside her.


Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo on Their El Rio Farm
Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo stand side by side on their farm on Cortez Street, El Rio. Farm buildings and crops are in the background.
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