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Philomena Constance and Husband
Shows Philomena Louie Constance (standing) with her husband. Philomena is wearing a dark shirt and patterned apron. She has one arm resting on her husband's shoulder. Her husband is seated. He wears a dark suit and tie. He is holding a hat in his…

Philomena Louie Constance
Full portrait of Philomena Louie Constance outside 411 Oak Street. She has her hair pulled back and is wearing dark-colored, Edwardian-style skirt and shirt.

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Philomena Louie Constance
Full portrait of Philomena Louie Constance dressed in formal attire. Her outfit includes a decorated hat and dark-colored Edwardian style skirt and shirt. Taken outside 411 Oak Street.

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Philomena Hehn Thorpe
Full body portrait of Philomena Hehn Thorpe standing on a lawn near Main Street, Ventura. She is wearing glasses and a striped, double breasted dress, and has her hair pulled back. She appears to be shielding her eyes from the sun with one hand.

Ysobel Del Valle Cram With Guitar
Image of Ysobel Del Valle Cram with her guitar. She is the center of the image with a blank background behind her. She wears a dark dress with a head cloth that covers her hair. She looks directly at the camera as she holds the guitar like she is…

Ventura Junior High Class Photo, 1931
Ventura Junior High School class photo, showing girl students. Ruth Ventura Zapf is in front row, third from left. Adah Callahan is in front row, second from right.

A building at the Ventura County Fairgrounds was named for Callahan.

Celia Zapf in Opera Costume
Shows Celia Zapf in a short-sleeved dress for a Glee Club opera performance at her high school. She is standing by a small palm tree in the yard of 57 N. Laurel Street. Houses and automobiles in background.

Jeanne Zapf and Friend
Shows Jeanne Georgiana Zapf and an unidentified woman standing on the sidewalk outside of 57 N. Laurel Street. A automobile is behind them.

Georgiana Mongari Brown
Portrait of Georgiana Mongari Brown standing next to a garden fence. Shrubbery shown on right side of image. Georgiana is wearing a large, decorated hat, Edwardian style coat, dark-colored shirtwaist, and skirt. Skirt and coat appear to have…

Zapf Girls
Shows (L-R) Celia, Ruth Ventura, and Jeanne Zapf standing together. All three girls are wearing light colored dresses and knee-high socks. Small palms behind them.

Museum records include note that Jeanne is wearing hair ribbons gifted to her by…

Delphine Ruiz Zapf
Bust portrait of Delphine Ruiz Zapf standing outside at 57 N. Laurel Street. She is wearing a floral print dress and is turned three-quarters to the viewer's right. Her hair is curled and is pinned up. A two-story house is in background.

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Erlinda Arellanes Manzo and Two Women
Shows three women standing together in front of a small sapling. Woman on far left is Erlinda Arellanes Manzo. Erlinda is wearing a dark, striped dress.


Epifanio Manzo and Woman
Bust portrait of Epifanio Manzo and an unidentified woman. Epifanio is wearing a dark-colored suit and tie. His hair is styled and he wears a drooping mustache. The woman is wearing a large hat, a white Edwardian-style shirtwaist, and dark-colored…

Olivet Baptist Church Workers
Group photo of women workers at Olivet Baptist Church in Ventura. The women are seated around a table and are looking at the viewer. Portion of an upright piano is visible on the right side.

Left to right: Annie Walker, Bennie May Bryant,…

Group Photo on Bridge Over Water
Outdoor group photo of six young women and men, possibly including Pansy Brewster, posing on a wooden bridge over running water, possibly Matilija Creek. Woman second from the right is seated on handrail and holding an umbrella over her head. Man…

Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner and Granddaughter
Portrait of Ventura Arnaz Wagner seated on a bench to the right of a window. Her toddler-aged granddaughter is seated on her lap. Wagner holds her granddaughter with one hand and a flower in the other. She is looking out the window, to the viewer's…

Woman and Children at the Beach
Unidentified woman and two children wading into water at Ventura Beach. Woman wearing hat and light-colored dress, holding skirt and hand of one child. She looks over her right shoulder towards the viewer. Child on right wearing hat and turned…

Alice B. Chick Portrait
A half body portrait of Alice B. Chick. Alice wears a light-colored, long sleeve dress and a large decorated hat. She is turned slight towards the viewer's right.

Gathering Flowers
Outdoor group photo of five people in and around an automobile, some holding armfuls of flowers. L-R: Anne Gould Yelland (wife of carpenter, Raymond Yelland), Belle Taylor, Ruth Taylor (later Whitaker), John B. Taylor, Jr. (inside vehicle), and…

Mrs. Eaton and Her Pet Chickens
View of Mrs. Eaton wearing a prairie dress and bonnet feeding her pet chickens. There are at least five chickens visible in a variety of colors. Behind Mrs. Eaton is a small shed, possibly a coop. A field is visible in the background.

Myrtle Shepherd
Portrait of Myrtle Shepherd wearing a light colored dress with a small arrangement of flowers attached at the bodice. She is looking to her right. "Brewster" and "Ventura and Santa Paula, Cal." are printed on the lower border of the cardstock to…

Myrtle Shepherd and Son
Portrait of Mrs. Myrtle Shepherd holding her baby son in her arms. The baby is facing the viewer, and Myrtle's side is towards the viewer.

Myrtle Shepherd
A bust photographic portrait of Myrtle Shepherd looking to her right. Library records indicate that Myrtle Shepherd was the daughter of Judge Shepherd and Theodosia B. Shepherd. She is wearing a high-collar dress. A locket or watch suspended on a…

J. F. Roth Family
Portrait of the J. F. Roth Family, including J. F. Roth, his wife Juanita, and their children.

L to R: Caroline Mary Roth
J. F. Roth
Frederick Joseph Roth
Juanita M. Roth
Matilda N. Roth
Elvira Louise Roth
Sitting on hassock: Bertha Helen…

J. F. Roth and Juanita
Portrait of J. F. Roth seated, with his wife Juanita standing behind him on the right of the photo. Roth wears a dark pinstriped suit, a thick mustache, and curly hair parted on his left. Juanita wears a dark dress with a lace collar, several tiers…
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