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"Doc" Cody, Wells Fargo Agent on Oak Street
A horse-drawn Wells Fargo and Company wagon is pictured parked at the side of a dirt street in front of a wooden house on Oak Street. A tree and palm are shown growing in the home's yard. "Doc" Cody, an agent of Wells Fargo is shown driving the…

A Colorful Santa Paula, California Landmark postcard verso
Color view of a palm tree. Trunk of the palm tree is overgrown with foliage and red flowers. A white fence is visible in front of the tree. Houses and vehicles are visible in the background.

Caption: A Colorful Santa Paula, California…

A Cool Retreat, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of a person sitting on a small bridge over a creek.

[AZO (no other identification)]

A Shady Walk at Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A dirt path lined with trees near Wheeler Hot Springs.

Caption: "- A Shady Walk - At Wheelers Hot Mineral Springs - Ventura Co., Cal."

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4069]

Aerial View of West End of Ventura
Aerial view of the West end of Ventura, looking towards the center of town. On the right of the image is the Pacific Ocean; center of image shows city of Ventura, Ventura River and Ventura River Bridge; mountains and hills on left of image.

Aiko Tagami Funeral Procession
This is an exterior photo of several automobiles lined up as part of a funeral procession for Akiko Tagami. Aiko died from accidental poisoning as a one-year-old. The photo shows the exterior street view of the Japanese Cemetery in Oxnard,…

Amended Tentative Map of Ferro Tract No. 1
Pencil line amended tentative map of Ferro Tract No. 1 being a portion of Lot M, Eells Tract, Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy. Shows topographic lines over area of interest with the then east limits of the City of San Buenaventura indicated. The…

An Apiary, California, of M.H. Men.d.leson, Piru, Cal., Near Ventura postcard
External view of a hillside apiary. Bee boxes are arranged in rows in a clearing.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70874]

Arcade Ojai Ave. Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
View of the Arcade on Ojai Avenue. Scaffolding next to Arcade. Street is unpaved. Three early automobiles are parked adjacent to the Arcade.

[Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.]

Architectural Drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
Architectural drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Shows the exterior view of front of Oak Creek. Shows people on sidewalk, cars stopped on traffic circle, and foliage around building.

Area Behind Newhall Mansion in Piru
View of a vegetated area behind Newhall Mansion, also known as Piru Mansion or Cook Mansion. Unpaved parking lot with one car parked is visible in the foreground. A telephone pole is in the center of the image placed among the trees. In the…

Arnaz Adobe
View of the Arnaz Adobe, an adobe style home, from the front angle. The front door is visible but somewhat hidden by vegetation. The second story of the home is somewhat shrouded by the overhanging tree to the far left of the picture. a portion of…

Arnaz Adobe
This view of the front of Arnaz Adobe from a skewed angle. Shows a portion of the right side of the house. View of the walkway to the front door, the front door itself is hidden behind vegetation. A section of the roof and its shingles are clearly…

Arnaz School Near Ventura, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
Hand-colored photographic postcard. Students of various ages and teachers are posing for a picture in front of the Arnaz School. The girls and women are wearing dresses. Most of the boys appear to be wearing bib-style overalls. The white clapboard…

Bard House with T. R. Bard and Mary Gerberding with Sister
Illustration of a multi-story wooden home. Several figures are sitting on a terrace porch. Another figure carrying a rifle on their shoulder walks along a trail with a dog.

Caption reads "Bard, T.R. house 1865-1876 on the East side of San Antonio…


Bean Field
Snapshot of a bean field with trees in background.

Street view of the bell tower of San Buenaventura Mission.

Bird's Eye View of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill, 1911 postcard
Caption: "Bird's eye view of Ventura, Cal. from the Hill."
View of Ventura from the hill, focusing on a road stretching from the foreground through the city to the shore. Trees and buildings are nestled along the street in the foreground. The ocean…

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Birdseye View, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Birdseye view, Ventura, Cal."
Landscape image of of People's Lumber Company work yard. A two story brick building, center right, is painted with the company's name. To the left is a long storehouse with a slanted roof. Several round silos…

Bridge over a river or stream with trees in the foreground.

View of the gatepost in full shows a small statue of a lion laying down on its stomach situated on the middle level. The gatepost shows two plaques one on the bottom of the post and one on the top. At the very top of the gatepost there is a pole with…

Camarillo House, Camarillo, Cal. Post Card
Front view of Don Adolfo's home, a multi story Victorian style clapboard house. The largest part of the house is two stories, but there is attic turret in the middle of the roof, and a large turret on the right that is three stories. The house is…

Camp Comfort, Near Ventura, Cal. postcard
A wagon drawn by two horses being driven under oak trees at Camp Comfort. One oak tree is in the foreground, to the viewer's left.

Caption: Camp Comfort, near Ventura, Cal.

[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, A75204]

Camp Comfort, Ventura postcard
View of a valley oak woodland. Large oak sits at the foreground to the left of the viewer. Its branches extend across the field of view. Many oaks visible in the background. Short grasses line the woodland floor.
[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal.…
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