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Group Photo in Front of Home
Two women and two men, standing in front of a house, possibly J. Maulhardt's house. The people are dressed in early 1900's attire. The house itself seems to be built in the Craftsmen style architecture evident by the square pillars and details under…

Snow Covered House
Exterior view of a two story home surrounded by heavy snowfall. Snow fills the foreground of the image. The home is made up of brick and wood. A chimney blowing smoke is seen on the left side of the picture.

Library records indicate that the…

View of the gatepost in full shows a small statue of a lion laying down on its stomach situated on the middle level. The gatepost shows two plaques one on the bottom of the post and one on the top. At the very top of the gatepost there is a pole with…

Abundio Sanchez and Grandson Adrian Sanchez
Abundio Sanchez stands alongside his grandson Adrian, a boy of about 4, holding Adrian's hand in one of his. They stand on a sidewalk in front of a brick building with an arched window just behind them. Abundio wears a three piece suit, tie, and hat.…

Settling Tank, Eastwood Park
Close up view of the old mission settling tank in Eastwood Park, Ventura.

Shed between brick buildings.
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