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People's Lumber Company Yard, Oxnard
Exterior view of a lumber yard. Lumber stacked in piles in front of wooden structures. Trees visible in background.

Originally from the Oxnard Press Courier, Annual Beet Sugar Edition.

People's Lumber Co. Yard in Moorpark
Exterior view of the People's Lumber Co. yard in Moorpark taken from the street outside. Two buildings of the yard are visible, one with "Peoples Lumber Co." painted in large letters on its side, the other with a sign reading "Peoples Lumber Co.…

View of Ventura
View of Ventura taken from the hill behind the Mission. Principally between Palm and Oak Streets, lumber yard is about 150 feet east of the Mission.

Ventura County Hospital TB Unit Construction
Panorama of a construction scene showing the building of the 100 bed Tuberculosis Unit to be added to the Ventura County Hospital. Construction workers are seen working on various sections of the building.

Back of San Buenaventura Mission and Chaffee Lumberyard
View of Chaffee's lumber yard (Chaffee & Bonestal Lumber Company) adjacent to the San Buenaventura Mission grounds. Back of mission and buildings visible in the scene. A house and an adobe building are visible on Main Street between the mission and…

Last of the Adobe Buildings in San Buenaventura Mission Quadrangle
Front and side view of one of the last of the old adobes making up mission quadrangle between 1880-1890. Building has a porch along the front facing Main Street. Chaffee & Bonestal Lumber Company's yard visible adjacent to the adobe on the right of…

People's Lumber Company Employees, Old Mill, Santa Paula
Interior view of People's Lumber Company building. Scene show five men, employees probably, posing for a group photo. Tables, work equipment, and some piles of lumber visible in the image.

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Birdseye View, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Caption: "Birdseye view, Ventura, Cal."
Landscape image of of People's Lumber Company work yard. A two story brick building, center right, is painted with the company's name. To the left is a long storehouse with a slanted roof. Several round silos…

Portion of Ventura Postcard
A semi-aerial shot of a residential area. A number of houses, most white with red roofs, are located around a park, now Plaza Park. The rows of houses are seen stretching back towards green mountains. A lumber yard is in the bottom right…
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