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Worker on Sugar Beet Machine
Snapshot, close view of a worker on sugar beet machine in a field. Many beets in view on the machine.

Model T Hooked up with Hay Mower
Scene showing two men in a vast beet field, one in a Model T and the other on a hay mower. The Model T is hooked up with hay mower. Unknown location, although it is either Oxnard or Hueneme.

Apricot Crew and Trays of Drying Apricots
Several rows of drying apricots lay on the ground in the image foreground. In the background is a large group posing for the camera. Among them are men, women, and children. Some of the group sit on sacks (presumably filled with…

Old Fashioned Bean Threshing
"Old fashioned bean threshing" agricultural scene. A group of men, women, and children stand among threshing equipment. Mountain in the background identified as South Mountain.

Identified individuals include:

(front row): Frank Moore; George…

Picking Oranges at Limoneira
Several men climb ladders to harvest oranges in an orchard at Limoneira. Oranges are slid down tubes into crates on the ground. A man on a horse drawn wagon is in the middle of the scene. To the left of the image there is a load of filled crates on a…

Stockton Plow
A man drives a team of mules and/or horses on the Hartman Ranch. Wendell P. Daily water well in the background. Hartman Ranch located where city hall is located in Camarillo (city hall is at 601 Carmen Dr. in Camarillo, 2002).

Hauling Beans on the Hartman Property
Side view of ten horses hauling three wagons stacked high with sacks of lima beans. Two stacks of lima beans sit on the ground behind the wagons. The Hartman property was leased from Adolfo Camarillo and was located at the foot of the Conejo grade.

Charles McCoy's Team Hauling Barley
Charles McCoy's ten horse team hauls 15 tons of barley up a hill. One man sits on one of the horses and another sits on one of the wagons, a dog by his side. The horses pull alongside a steep hill.

Street Scene, Hueneme
Bird's eye view of intersecting dirt roads in Hueneme. Teams of horses and/or mules pull large wagons fill with sacks, possibly grain sacks. Several homes and buildings are in the background, including the residence of Dr. O. V. Sessions. Photo taken…

Patterson Ranch Scene
Bird's eye view of numerous teams of horses pulling wagons or agricultural equipment surrounded by many barns. Men and teams are leaving the various barns for a day of work. In the foreground, in the buggy, are C. J. Daily and his son T. C. Daily.

Mule and Horse Teams Hauling Grain Sacks
Mule and horse teams haul wagons loaded with grain sacks. Teams are lined up along a street in front of a warehouse with huge stacks of grain sacks piled up in front of it. A group of men in the photo look at the viewer. Museum records suggest image…

Stagecoach Inn, 1890s
Exterior view of the Stagecoach Inn in Newbury Park. It is a two-story building with a porch and balcony. There are horse-drawn wagons loaded with grain, driver in seat, along the side and front of the inn. They are possibly headed for Hueneme. Cecil…

Limoneira Ranch, Bird's Eye View
A bird's eye view of Limoneira Ranch with vast fields and/or orchards and some buildings and houses in the scene. There appear to be taller lines of trees as well, possibly wind rows.

Farmer Plowing Behind Mule Team
View from behind of a farmer plowing behind a mule team. There are possibly 8 mules. On one side of the plow and team there is plowed earth and on the other there is vegetation or crops.

Group Portrait, Japanese Beet Workers
Group portrait of six men working in a field. They are described as Japanese beet workers on Maulhardt Ranch in Oxnard. The group has some equipment with them (rake and glovers), but may be pulling the beets up by hand. Some of the men hold beets.…

Oxnard Produce Exhibit, Ventura County Fair
Closeup view of an Oxnard produce exhibit at the Ventura County Fair. A picket fence surrounds the display which consists of fruit displayed around a three tiered display stand that is holding plates of various vegetables and fruit. The top tier also…

Old Olive Press, Camulos, Cal. postcard
Closeup view of an old olive press in a yard with a white fence in the background. There are orange trees in the background. The words "Old Olive Press, Camulos, Cal." written along the bottom left of postcard.
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, made in…

Hauling Grain to Hueneme
Hauling grain to Hueneme from Calleguas Ranch above dam. Bird's eye view shows numerous wagons filled with sacks of grain pulled by teams of horses or mules going one direction. Next to them are empty wagons pulled by horse or mule teams going in the…

Drying Apricots
Wide view of trays of apricots drying on a field from a distance. Many men are in the scene, some moving trays of apricots and some looking at the camera for the photo. A small grouping of houses or buildings and mountains are in the background.

Thresher on Cloyne Ranch
Donlon thresher taken on the Cloyne Ranch. A group of men with mule or horse drawn wagons stop their work to pose for a photograph. View is from above the group. The thresher is in the middle and right of the image. A pile of sacks is stacked neatly…

Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo on Their El Rio Farm
Eusebio and Lorenza Castillo stand side by side on their farm on Cortez Street, El Rio. Farm buildings and crops are in the background.

Apricot Pickers on the Staire Ranch
Group photo of apricot pickers, men, women, and children, on the Staire Ranch standing in front of a pitting shed. Staire Ranch was on Ventura Avenue. On the right, the woman with dirty apron, hand to head, is Muriel C. Eells. Man in dark coveralls…

Citrus Workers
This image is an exterior group portrait of Japanese citrus workers posing with their supervisor in a citrus orchard at the Teague-McKevett Ranch.

Boxmakers at Blanchard Packinghouse in Santa Paula
Four male boxmakers (wooden crates for lemons) group portrait. The men are standing in front of boxes piled high. One man holds a box in one hand. Men are: Phillipe (possibly Felipe) Lopez, Jesus Gonzales, Leon Preciado and Enrique Vela. Location is…

Boxmakers at Blanchard Packinghouse in Santa Paula
Four male boxmakers (wooden crates for lemons) group portrait. The men are standing or sitting surrounded by boxes with brand seals and drawings of lemons on them. Leon Preciado, Sr. (left) and Jesus Gonzales (2nd from right) are among the group.…
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