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Santa Susana Grammar School Photo
School photo in front of Santa Susana Grammar School before World War I. Max Riave kneeling at right. There are boys, girls, and teachers in the photo. Children appear to be middle or high school age.

Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of kids at Hill School. Charlie Ruiz second from right in front row.

Pleasant Valley School
Student body portrait taken in front of the Pleasant Valley School--first built in Camarillo on the Hughes Ranch. Photo is faded, but several rows of students can be seen on the front steps and porch. The school is in a Victorian style and has a…

Student Body Photo, Ventura Street School, 1920-1921
Panorama of the student body at the Ventura Street School in Santa Paula. Students are in front of the school in several rows; school and other buildings in the background. Photo states: "Luceal E. Root, Principal, Charles D. Jones, Superintendent."

Mountain View School, Fillmore 6th Grade Class, 1939
Class photo of 6th grade class at Mountain View School in Fillmore. Class is standing on the front steps of the school. This was a segregated class. Teacher is Glenn R. Phillips.

Oxnard Union High School Group Portrait
Panoramic group portrait of Oxnard Union High School students on the lawn in front of the school. Some students, mainly females are on sitting in the first few rows of students, while more rows of students, mostly male, stand in the back.
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