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L. N. Diedrich Machine Shop
Front exterior view of L. N. Diedrich Machine Shop, located at 358 Oxnard Blvd. taken around 1938.

5th Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the B Street intersection looking northeast at 5th Street. Bank of A. Levy, Lehmann Bros., and Post Office visible on the left of the image. 1920's style parked cars lining the front of the buildings. Woman walking in front of the…

Freight Train Stopped on Tracks
Image of freight train cars stopped in front of buildings. Container on the right has "Chicago and North Western" and "Route of the 400 and the Streamliners" written on the side. Building in the background has logo for Sunkist. A set of tracks in…

Sign for Lying-In Hospital and Sanatorium
Image of the sign for the "Lying-In Hospital and Sanatorium." Building visible in the background. Possibly located on 5th and H streets in Oxnard, CA.


J. Feraud's Grocery Store
Exterior view of J. Feraud's Grocery store on the corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue in Ventura. It is a brick building with many windows and a large mural on a side wall advertising "Recruit Cigars. Best nickel cigar in the world." Men and…

Ventura County Historical Museum Entrance Sign
Closeup view of the Ventura County Historical Museum sign above the museum entrance. Part of the building's tiled roof and a light post visible as well. In 2007 the museum changed its name to Museum of Ventura County.

Bank of America Building, 1940s
Exterior view of the Bank of America building at the corner of Main and California Streets in Ventura, CA. The building is four stories tall and has a fire escape visible on the California Street side. There are cars lined up on both streets and…

Men Painting Hollywood by the Sea Sign
Two men on scaffolding hand paint a road sign for Hollywood by the Sea. Sign reads "Hollywood by the Sea Best of the Beaches Straight through Oxnard on 5th Street." Road sign features a woman in a swimsuit sitting on the beach. There is a car…

Group Photo, Buena High School Honors Awards Ceremony
Group photo of Jimmy Lefkowitz, center, with two unidentified female students in front of a Buena High School Bulldogs marquee
at an Honors Awards Ceremony. The group share big smiles with the viewer. Marquee reads "Academic Awards Night" at the…

Cañada Larga Bridge, 1899
View of the Cañada Larga Bridge from the banks below after it was newly built in 1899. Signs for Chaffee's, possibly a clothing store, visible in the image. Museum records indicate: "Cañada Larga new structure built in 1899 - rubble masonry abutments…

Wheeler's or Matilija Hot Springs
Women and men in regular clothing stand around the edges of a pool. A group of boys swims in the pool. Wooden walls/fences around the pool with numbered doors, possibly changing rooms. A sign on one of the wooden walls reads "Bathing Suits 25¢ Pay in…

Mrs. Sanborn Millinery
Exterior view of Mrs. Sanborn Millinery with two women standing in front of the shop on the sidewalk. On the left is Maude Daly and on the right is Mary Sanborn. Both women have long sleeved blouses and long skirts. Maude wears a hat. Both women…

Tomio Yeto in Doorway of His Store
Tomio Yeto stands in the doorway of his store in Saticoy, Yeto Market. The doors to the market are closes except for a small opening where Tomio stands. Tomio smiles at the viewer and wears a white apron. There is an address "1223" above where Tomio…

Grocery Store and Gas Station
Exterior view of a grocery store and gas station on old State Route 2, now US 101. Highway visible in foreground. Lot around store and gas station unpaved. A car is parked on the left of the image. Store advertises "Day old bread, cigarettes, drinks,…

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair in 1900. Storefronts are visible as are tents for fair vendors set up in front of the stores. In front of the tents, a large crowd watches the parade procession that includes men…

McHenry's Colonial House Restaurant postcard
Exterior view of McHenry's Colonial House restaurant from across the street, showing a large sign in a driveway to the parking lot reading "McHenry's Colonial House" with roosters decorating the top of the sign.
[Kolor View, Los Angeles, California…

Santa Paula, Calif. 1944 postcard
View of Main Street in Santa Paula in 1944, showing Main Street running down the middle of the image, cars parked in front of businesses on either side.
[No Publisher Stated]

Continental Oil Company, San Miguelito Oil Field
View of San Miguelito Oil Field, with a Continetal Oil Company sign at the entrance. There is a railroad track in the foreground, oil tanks and equipment visible, and a hillside dotted with oil derricks along in the background. A Conoco motor oil…

Oil Well Rig and Railroad Tracks
View of an oil well (rig) at Oxnard Field. Railroad tracks and railroad stop lights are visible. One of the stop lights has a sign with the number 4103 on it.

Tram Wheels Sign at Hueneme Historical Museum
Closeup view of tram wheels that were uncovered in 1975, along with a sign describing the historic use of trams in Hueneme. Sign and tram wheels are located on the outside of the Hueneme Historical Museum.

Largest Loaf of Bread Ever Made
Bill Baker's "largest loaf of bread ever made" on trailer with Fordson tractor attached, parked in front of American Bakery in Ventura, CA. The trailer is decorated with US flag banners. The American Bakery is also adorned with US flags and banners.…

La Mexicana Market Interior
Interior view of Sanchez Brothers Mexican Mercantile (which later became La Mexicana Market) with Carlos Sanchez, left, and Arnulfo Sanchez, right, standing in the center of the store. Walls displaying merchandise and counters full of products…

Six Men in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand
Six young men eat pineapple in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand. Two kneel and four stand or lean against a station wagon with surfboards in the back. The men are in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. One is wearing a hat and one is wearing…

Ventura County Government Center
Ventura County Government Center taken from Victoria Ave., at night. The building, with many lights on, is in the background. The sign with the center name is prominent in lower right hand side of the image.

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J. L. Fernandes Blacksmiths and Stable
Busy outdoor scene outside of J. L. Fernandes Blacksmiths and stable in Montalvo. Scene shows three men and one boy at the open entrance to the blacksmiths shop as well as several horse-drawn surreys and wagons.
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