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E. W. Daily Standing by Wooden Water Shed<br />
Photo of E. W. Daily standing next to wooden water trough on ranch/farm land, irrigating ranch. Water storage shed in photo. Power line and trees stand in the background.

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Trout Stream Through Wheeler Hot Springs
View the trout stream that goes through the Wheeler Hot Springs area. A man stands on the rocks at the water's edge. Fallen tree in background.

Trout Stream at Wheeler Hot Springs
View of the trout stream at Wheeler Hot Springs. Man stands on a small bridge and looks over stream. A large tree with exposed roots leans over bridge. Rocks and boulders line the water's edge.

Stream Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of stream waters near Wheeler Hot Springs. Rocks cover riverbed. Trees grow at edge of water.

Warm Mineral Plunge at Wheeler Hot Springs
View of bathers at a pool at Wheeler Hot Springs. Two people diving in to water, one prepares to dive from wooden scaffolding.

Staunton Family in Sierra Nevada A
Three photos depicting the Staunton family's visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo A: Peggy and C. C. Staunton stand together in front of a lake. Both wear Jodhpur pants and boots. Peggy wears a tank top and has a sweater or scarf tied over…

Irrigation Channel at Daily Ranch
Image depicts a irrigation channel at daily ranch flowing with water. In the background standing beside the channel there is a man with a shovel and two women. Behind the people in the picture there is a building to the left of the image and two…

Irrigation Channel at Daily Ranch
Image shows an irrigation canal on Daily Ranch. The channel stretches from foreground to background. On both sides of the canal there is farmland and in the far distance there is a row of trees.

Irrigation Channel on Daily Ranch
Image shows an irrigation channel on Daily Ranch. The channel can stretches from foreground to background. On both sides of the canal there is farmland and in the far distance there is row of trees.

Irrigation Channel at Daily Ranch
Close up image of the irrigation channel at Daily Ranch. The foreground shows the channel of flowing water. To the left and right of the channel there is uneven coarsely tilled soil.

Water Gushing Into Trough
Image depicts water flowing from a pipe into a trough on the ground. Behind the pipe and trough there is a wall with farm equipment stacked next to it. A man is visible out of focus, standing next to the farm equipment.

Man in a Canoe
Image of an unidentified man in a canoe along the shore of a body of water. The man' is wearing a white shirt and a cap. The man's face is obscured by his hat's shadow. The man holds the paddle of the canoe in his lap. In the background on the…

Lake and Forest
Image depicts and unidentified lake. The lake fills the foreground. The background shows a small hill visible on the right side of the image and a forest that extends into the distance.

Two Women in a Natural Pool
Picture of two unidentified women sitting in a natural pool. Both in swimwear with the woman on the left wearing a swimming cap. They are crouching in the water so that the water reaches to their upper arms. Behind the women is a large cliff face…

Swimming in Natural Pool
Image depicts four unidentified women, but likely related to the Daily family playing in a natural swimming pool. All four of the women are smiling and wearing swimsuits. Woman in center is holding hands with the women on her right and left. She is…

Couple Sitting Next to River
Image shows an unidentified man and woman sitting side by side on a boulder next to a river. Both of them are smiling and looking at the viewer. The woman is leaning on the mans back. In the background there are a multitude of trees. A light colored…

Ventura Wharf During Storm, 1895
View of the Ventura wharf during a storm. Taken from the beach. Rough waves are shown hitting the wharf. A small crowd of people stand on the beachside end of the wharf.

Sinaloa Lake, Simi Valley, California postcard
View of a small wooden dock on the water of Lake Sinaloa in Simi Valley. A small, red boat is next to the dock, with the forward appearing to be slightly ashore. Trees and foliage are growing near the dock. Water birds and another boat are visible in…

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Lake Sherwood
A view of Lake Sherwood when the lake was full. Foliage visible in foreground. Hills surrounding the lake are in the background.

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Sespe Railroad Bridge, 1969 Flood
View of flood damage at the Sespe railroad bridge. Bridge is a metal, trestle bridge. Debris, mud, and pools of water visible around the bridge. Creek visible under bridge.

Group Photo on Bridge Over Water
Outdoor group photo of six young women and men, possibly including Pansy Brewster, posing on a wooden bridge over running water, possibly Matilija Creek. Woman second from the right is seated on handrail and holding an umbrella over her head. Man…

Monroe Everett Oral History
Interview with Monroe Everett about his life in Moorpark and the history of water access in the area. Born in Montalvo in 1907, Everett was a lifelong Ventura County resident. He grew citrus, avocados and walnuts on his Moorpark farm. Graduated from…

Water System Details, Tract No. 1757, Camarillo (3 of 11)
Water System Details for Tract No. 1757 in Camarillo. Includes a cross section drawing for a typical residential water service connection, an information block (marked "Void") for Certificate of Adequacy of Water Supply System, and a large section…

Aerial Photograph of Unnamed Water Areas
Black and white aerial photograph of three bodies of water in an unidentified location. Photograph is stored in folder MVC084-F-10-839 concerning the El Rancho Cola Dam project, which museum records indicate may have preceded construction of the…

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Sea Water Pipeline Plan and Profile, San Buenaventura
Plan and profile of a sea water pipeline in City of San Buenaventura. Top half of sheet shows map of Peking Street and Harriet Street. City boundary, is indicated. State highway right of way and a plot of cultivated land is shown to the west of the…
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