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Santa Paula, Calif., Bank of America postcard
A view of the Bank of America building on Main Street in Santa Paula, Calif. The bank is a square building with neo-classical design features on its facade, including molded columns and a diamond pattern below flat roof. There is a brick building…

5th and A Street Intersection Looking North toward B Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the sidewalk intersection on 5th and A streets at left, looking north towards B Street. Various businesses line both sides of the street, Colonia Realty Company visible on the right corner. Billboard advertisements for "Drink…

A Street Looking South, Oxnard
Image taken from A Street looking south with the intersection of 5th Street visible. Bank of A. Levy on the left of the image. Building on the corner across the street has sign for Colonia Realty Company. 1930s style cars parked in front of the bank…

5th Street, Oxnard
Image taken from the B Street intersection looking northeast at 5th Street. Bank of A. Levy, Lehmann Bros., and Post Office visible on the left of the image. 1920's style parked cars lining the front of the buildings. Woman walking in front of the…

First National Bank, Oxnard Looking Towards A Street
Looking southwest on 5th and A Streets. On left of image First National Bank entrance visible and shops lining the street. Cars parked in front of shops. Woman with stroller crossing the street. Men walking along street by bank entrance.

First National Bank, Oxnard
First National Bank in Oxnard on 5th and A Streets. Two story building with rows of windows on the side. Four large pillars adorning the front entrance. Four cars parked on the side of the building, three cars parked along the front entrance. A man…

Northeast Corner of 5th and B Streets, Oxnard
Image of the busy northeast corner of B and 5th Streets. Building shows signs for shops including Poggi's Drugs on the corner and possibly Lehmann Bros. next to it. Decorative arch with trees on the corner in front of Poggi's Drugs. Two women about…

Main Street Ventura, 1920
Main Street looking west from California Street, Ventura, CA. Several automobiles parked and in the street. Buildings and storefronts visible on both sides of Main Street. Utility poles dot the sidewalks along the street.

Main Street, Santa Paula, 1888
View of Main Street in Santa Paula in the summer of 1888. View down the middle of Main Street showing buildings on either side. There is a church on the left foreground of the image. Dr. Mott is identified as the man with a satchel in the foreground.

Main Street, Ventura CA Looking East
Street scene looking eastward on Main Street in Ventura, CA. Horse drawn carriages and wagons are stopped in front of businesses, one horse drawn carriage with two passengers moves along the middle of Main Street. There are paved sidewalks and…

Street in Ojai, California postcard
Street view (Ojai Ave.) in Ojai, dirt road with post office on left side and arcade on right side. Cars are parked on the street and some people are visible.
[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., Post Cards of Quality; Crampton Pharmacy, Ojai, California]

Oxnard, California postcard
View of 5th Street in Oxnard, looking eastward. It is a busy scene showing cars parked along the street, cars driving on the street, and pedestrians crossing the street. Among the businesses, signs announce there is a Rexall Drugs, another drug…

Snapshot of Main Street, Ventura
Snapshot of automobiles and people on Main Street, Ventura. Many storefronts visible.
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