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Two Women in a Natural Pool
Picture of two unidentified women sitting in a natural pool. Both in swimwear with the woman on the left wearing a swimming cap. They are crouching in the water so that the water reaches to their upper arms. Behind the women is a large cliff face…

Seal Rock
Picture of a rock in the ocean with seals sitting on top of it. The caption to the image reads "Seal Rock, Catalina Island" The foreground of the image shows the rock with a pod of seals lounging on it. Seal on the top of the rock is barking at the…

Putting Rip-rap on Slope of Ventura Harbor Banks
View of a crane suspending a platform over a v-shaped trench. Segment of trench lined with large rocks. Construction vehicle and additional rocks visible in background.

Boat Beached at Entrance of Ventura Harbor
View of a small boat aground on a beach. One person shown standing at the prow of the boat, a second person on the beach is walking towards the boat. Rocks from a harbor breakwall visible in the background.

Cochino Piedra Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, Calif. postcard
Inland view of Cochino Piedra Harbor on Santa Cruz Island.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70875]

Boulder Cave - Matilija
This photograph depicts a cave opening surrounded by jagged hillside rocks. Two people are visible at a distance, seated at the opening of the cave. One of the people appears to be a child. "Brewster Ventura, Cal." is embossed on the brown cardstock…

Mussel Rock, Near Ventura postcard, view A
View of ocean surf breaking over rocks. Foam from the surf is visible in the foreground. A mass of rocks sits to the right of the viewer. The largest rock is visible in the background to the right of the viewer. There are two postcards showing the…

Genoveva Spring At Wheeler's postcard
This view depicts four women and a man seated on rocks near a creek. Another man is standing next to them. An advertising message for "Genoveva Cold Mineral Water" appears to have been painted on a flat rock located between the women. Other rocks to…

Matilija Springs, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
View of water flowing around rocks in Matilija Creek. Two women are sitting on the rocks and a man is standing on a rock in the middle of the stream. Two pipes are carried on supports along one side of the creek.

Caption: Matilija Springs, Ventura…

On Road To Tent City, Ventura, Co., Cal., Matilija Hot Springs postcard
View of a dirt road lined with trees and rocks. Road is heavily shaded by the trees.

Caption: On Road to Tent City, Ventura Co., Cal, Matilija Hot Springs

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4091]

Sepia postcard depicting a front view of the Pierpont Inn in Ventura, Calif. The building is clad in wood shingles and has a dirt path lined with river rock leading to the front entrance.

[Mitchell, Edward H., San Francisco, Cal., 742]

Ventura Beach at Low Tide
Sepia toned stereoscope view of beach near the Ventura fairgrounds at low tide. Man, woman and child in among rocks and tide pools. Photo has a cardboard backing.

Portrait of woman taken outdoors.

View of canyon stream.

People at foot of wooden cross
Four people pose at foot of wooden cross, three women and two men all wearing hats and smiling.

Rocky shore off Channel Islands.

Three adults on rocky shore of Channel Islands.

Tide pools and ocean waves.

River waterfall.

Man on Anacapa Island Beach

Man posing in a rocky stream.

Stock pond in Piru.

Two men in Devil's Canyon.

Two men fishing in a canyon stream,

Small waterfall in a canyon with large trees.
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