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Bird's Eye View of San Buenaventura, Cal 1877
Mounted photograph of map. Photo is black and white, original map is in color. Map is number M0230, available to view here. Shows view of Ventura in 1877, with a view "From the Bay, Looking North" as written along the bottom of the map. Ships, wharf,…

Main Street Ventura Looking East, 1925-1930
Looking east on Main Street in downtown Ventura, CA. Large building on left is the Union National Bank, later replaced by Security Pacific Bank. Hotel De Leon visible at right of image with Chestnut Street just past the hotel. A restaurant or café…

View from Cross at Grant Park, Ventura
Bird's eye view of Ventura extending out to the pacific ocean taken from pathway in Grant Park near Serra's Cross. Cross is in the right foreground and the Ventura Pier is in the distant left. 3 copies of photos in library.

Exterior view of the San Buenaventura Mission, brick wall to the left of the mission. Dirt road (Main Street) visible in foreground. Mounted photo.

San Buenaventura Mission, 1878-1879
Exterior view of the San Buenaventura Mission circa 1878-1879 around the time Main Street was levelled, according to library records. Main Street visible in foreground. An old arch and fence are at the church's entrance. Two men stand at the…

Theodosia B. Shepherd's Gardens
View from above of Theodosia Burr Shepherd's gardens. Houses in the background, as well as a large hotel, possibly the Rose Hotel.

People's Lumber Company County Fair Exhibit
View of People's Lumber Company exhibit at the Ventura County Fair in 1928. Display is a diorama that shows the company's location in 1883 in downtown Ventura on Main Street near the San Buenaventura Mission. Photographs of various buildings also in…

Main Street Ventura, 1920
Main Street looking west from California Street, Ventura, CA. Several automobiles parked and in the street. Buildings and storefronts visible on both sides of Main Street. Utility poles dot the sidewalks along the street.

California and Main Streets, Ventura after Heavy Rain
Intersection of California and Main Streets in Ventura is shown after a heavy rain. Mud, rocks, and debris are seen along the streets. Ventura City Hall in image, as well as the County Court House building at Poli and California.

Women's Fashion Show Models
Group photo of fashion show by female models for Jack Rose in El
Jardin patio. Four models show off dresses on and near short set of steps leading into El Jardin. Two little boys in tuxedos and hats sit on the steps. Behind these four models appear…

Post Office, Ventura, Cal. Oval Photograph
Post office, exterior, Ventura printed in an oval shape on a card with printing on left bottom "Post Office, Ventura, Cal." B. T. Williams, attorney, offices upstairs. Men and women are in front of the post office. L to R: #3 Maggie Wilson, worked…

Group Photo in Front of A. Gandolfo's Store
Group photo of men and women on the sidewalk under porch in front of A. Gandolfo's Store on Main and Figueroa Streets in Ventura, CA. Sign in front of the store reads "A. Gandolfo Wines, Liquors, Cigars, & Provisions." Brick wall on one side of the…

Jason Bradley Home
Exterior front view of the Jason Bradley home. It is a two story home with a porch and balcony in the front. Image shows the sidewalk in front of the home as well as yard areas at the side of the home. Built in 1871 for first newspaper office…

Main Street, Ventura Parade
Bird's eye view of a marching band making its way down Main Street near California Street in Ventura, CA. Three men on horseback follow the band. Several spectators on one side of the street are in the image. Some storefronts are visible, including…

Main Street View, Ventura, 1929
View of a busy Main Street scene looking west from in front of the E. P. Foster Library. There are several parked and driving cars in the scene. Many storefronts are visible, and the Hotel De Leon is prominent on the right side of the image.

San Buenaventura Mission, 1870
Bird's eye view of Mission San Buenaventura from southwest direction, showing the adjacent cemetery. There is a wooden fence between the walkway in front of the mission and Main Street, which is made of dirt. A rock wall with tiles along the top…

San Buenaventura Mission, 1888
Exterior front and side view of the San Buenaventura Mission with a group of people standing on the front steps.

Main Street, Ventura, 1870s
Bird's eye view of Main Street looking east from Ventura Avenue. Several storefronts are visible, including a bakery. Hill school visible, which was built in 1873. Image taken in the 1870s, but after 1873.

Two duplicate photos in collection.…

Dr. Cephas Bard's Home in Early Days Ventura
Mounted photograph of the exterior of Dr. Cephas Little Bard's home and office on the eastern side of Oak Street, South of Santa Clara in Ventura, CA. Oak Street (a dirt road). A man in a horse and carriage is pulling up to the front walkway where…

Corner of Main and California Streets, Ventura
Bird's eye view of the intersection at Main and California Streets looking northwest. Ventura City Hall is at the left of the image, with the Angel of Mercy statue in front of the building. Other buildings visible on corner crossing California…

Main Street, Ventura Pre-1908
View of Main Street in Ventura, showing Armory Hall on the left with the Anacapa Hotel next to it. Street in foreground. Scene also shows carriages and wagons parked on the street. A horse-drawn wagon is traveling on Main Street as well.

Ventura County Courthouse from a Distance
Exterior view of the Ventura County Courthouse building (now Ventura City Hall, 2022) from a distance, showing a house, an empty lot, and part of another house in foreground. Part of Poli Street visible as well running in front of the courthouse. In…

Ventura County Courthouse
Exterior view of the Ventura County courthouse building (which is now Ventura City Hall, 2022). Photo taken diagonally from across Poli Street. Image also shows a man in a car and a man just outside of the car in front of the building.

Hotel Rose
Exterior view of Hotel Rose, or Rose Hotel, taken from diagonally opposite corner across the street. It is a three story building on a corner with the front entrance facing the intersection. Located at the corner of Palm and Chestnut Streets in…

Girl and Baby in Decorated Stroller
A little girl in a fancy light colored dress with a bow in her hair holds the handles of a stroller adorned with flowers that has a baby inside. The girl and stroller are on the grass in Plaza Park in Ventura, the Congregational Church in the…
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