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Ventura Police Boys' Club Members Line Up for Food
Ventura Police Boys' Club members line up for food after winning first place for marching in the 1948 Ventura County Fair Parade. Bottles of soda and a large bowl of hotdogs can be seen on the tables. The boys are all wearing white shirts and blue…

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Three women and a boy in front of a house.

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Portrait of Boys (16 views)

Portrait of a boy.

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Emmet Fisher portrait
Full portrait of Emmet Fisher, a young child, standing with a hand on a chair, looking into the camera. Father was Issac Fisher, an orchardist, La Cañada, California.

Boy holding wooden toy
Unidentified young boy seated on a wicker chair and holding a toy wooden horse


Boy on tricycle portrait
Portrait of unidentified young boy on tricycle

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Robert Sudden child portrait
Bust portrait of a young Robert Sudden gazing to the right of camera


Portrait of Richard Bard as a child
Full portrait of Richard Bard as a child and his dog. Young Bard is standing looking to the left of the camera with arm around the dog.
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