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San Onofre Storm Surf, 1940
Shows surfers in the ocean during stormy weather at San Onofre Beach. View taken from a great distance with surfers appearing as small specks.

Building New Cabins at Point Mugu After 1939 Storm
A view of several wood cabins being constructed at Point Mugu after a storm in 1939. Siding is being nailed to the front side of one building by two men who are standing on scaffolding. Another man is standing nearby.

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Front of Point Mugu Store After 1939 Storm
View of a heavily damaged clapboard sided wooden building after a storm in 1939. The word "Store," in capital letters, is on a sign over the front entrance. One end of the building appears to be collapsing and many of the windows are broken. Frank…

A real photo postcard depicting the Ventura Pier after the ship Coos Bay collided with it. A man is visible in the foreground surveying the damaged pier. The pier appears to be cut in half. Three men are visible on the other side of the cut looking…
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