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Bolyard & Son Studebaker/Jeep Agency
Street scene of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing the Bolyard & Son Studebaker and Jeep Agency. Row of cars parked on street outside of agency. Other businesses in background.

Watson's Furniture Storefront
Exterior view of Watson's Furniture at 138 E. Main Street, next to National Market. Lamps, chairs, and other furniture visible through store windows. Painted above door is a maple leaf with words reading "Maple and Birch."

John Taft Electric Storefront
Street view of Main Street and Seaward Avenue showing John Taft Electric. Signs for GE Appliances and Westinghouse Appliances above windows. Store sign and GE billboard above roof. Large appliances such as washing machines visible through windows.…

Signing and Striping Plan for Tract No. 4311-4, City of Ventura (14 of 15)
A plan for placement of signage and street striping for Tract No. 4311-4 on Roosevelt Avenue, Roosevelt Court, Tyler Avenue, Tyler Court and segments of Foothill Road and Kimball Road. Lots 95 through 110 are shown. Includes an area map, legend and…
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