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Ruth & Perky Kneel in Front of Wooden Building
View from the roadside. Ruth and her dog Perky kneel in front of a Hotel on Whidbey Island in Washington. To the left of the building there is a much smaller wooden structure with two canoes inside of it and one on top of it. In front of the building…

Early Bardsdale School
Exterior view of an early Bardsdale school, with small crowd gathered. Trees visible in background.

Note: Museum records indicate that the school was torn down in 1918.

Gillibrand Family of Simi Valley
Group portrait of the Gillibrand Family sitting in front of a wooden building. A child seated in the center holds a small dog.

Library, Strathearn Park, Simi
Exterior view of the library at Strathearn Park. Metal drum barrel visible in front of library. Trees, a fence, a buggy, and additional structures visible in background.

Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley
Street view of several buildings on Los Angeles Avenue in Simi. Street is unpaved and several buggies are parked beside buildings.

Signage on leftmost building reads: "W.S. KEIR. DEALER IN GEN'L MERCHANDISE. SIMI STORE."

People's Lumber Company Yard, Oxnard
Exterior view of a lumber yard. Lumber stacked in piles in front of wooden structures. Trees visible in background.

Originally from the Oxnard Press Courier, Annual Beet Sugar Edition.

Montalvo Home
An exterior view of a single-story wood home in Montalvo, possibly belonging to the Eaton family. An unidentified woman wearing an apron stands on the front lawn. Flowering bushes, shrubs and a small cypress tree decorate the front lawn.


A Bachelor's Dwelling in Moorpark
Exterior view of a plain wood building. A trellis is next to a door, with vines growing from the trellis to the roof of the building. An unidentified man holding a hat stands in front of the house. A side door on the right of the house is open.

Building New Cabins at Point Mugu After 1939 Storm
A view of several wood cabins being constructed at Point Mugu after a storm in 1939. Siding is being nailed to the front side of one building by two men who are standing on scaffolding. Another man is standing nearby.

Library records indicate…

Front of Point Mugu Store After 1939 Storm
View of a heavily damaged clapboard sided wooden building after a storm in 1939. The word "Store," in capital letters, is on a sign over the front entrance. One end of the building appears to be collapsing and many of the windows are broken. Frank…

"Doc" Cody, Wells Fargo Agent on Oak Street
A horse-drawn Wells Fargo and Company wagon is pictured parked at the side of a dirt street in front of a wooden house on Oak Street. A tree and palm are shown growing in the home's yard. "Doc" Cody, an agent of Wells Fargo is shown driving the…

Street Scene, Ventura, Cal. postcard
A view looking west on Main Street from the intersection with California Street. City Hall is on the northwest corner and a bank building is on the southwest corner. Pedestrians and horse buggies are visible in the street. The streets are unpaved.…

Pierpont Inn, Ventura postcard
A view of the northern and eastern facades of the Pierpont Inn. It is a two story building clad with wood shingles. There is an automobile parked near the front entrance on a circular entry driveway. A sailboat is visible in the distance on…

Shearing Shed Interior
View of the interior of a large shearing shed on Santa Cruz Island. Library records indicate: "Gates that form partitions between pens (on left) are rolled out (middle right) seat from which fichas are given out. On both sides of seat are shelves on…

Moorpark, Bird's Eye View post card
A view of Moorpark, with a school, church, residences in view. Orchards and mountains are in the background. Simi Hills visible.
[No publisher stated; AZO in stamp area]
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