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Traveling to Wheeler Hot Springs
View of an early automobile driving down an unpaved, mountain road towards Wheeler Hot Springs. Tunnel in left of view.

"Hitting the Trail" Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of a group of horses and riders on a mountainside trail near Wheeler Hot Springs. One man stands next to horse at far right.

Staunton Family in Sierra Nevada A
Three photos depicting the Staunton family's visit to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Photo A: Peggy and C. C. Staunton stand together in front of a lake. Both wear Jodhpur pants and boots. Peggy wears a tank top and has a sweater or scarf tied over…

Group Hike in the Mountains
Image depicts a large group of people hiking in a line along a mountain trail. Some of the people in the image appear to be children. The left of the image is taken up by the hillside that is covered in vegetation. In the background trees are along…

Landscape with a Road
Landscape with a road running through it. Rolling hills and mountains make up the majority of the image. There are trees and shrubs covering the majority of the hills. There are two figures seen in silhouette along the road in the distance. The road…

Avalon, Catalina Island
View of the beach and town of Avalon on Catalina Island. The caption of the image reads "Avalon, Catalina Island, California" The beach is crowded with people. Pier and boats are visible. Storefronts and houses are visible along the beach and in the…

Orchard View at Rancho Camulos
View of an orchard at Rancho Camulos. View looks down a row of trees, a path of dirt is visible. In the background of the image the mountains that surround Rancho Camulos are visible.

The Cross and Bells at Rancho Camulos A
Two images depicting different parts of Rancho Camulos. The first image shows the cross at the top of the south mountain at Rancho Camulos. The second image depicts the bells at Rancho Camulos. The bells in the background of the image hanging from a…

Mailija Dam
[User contributed description]
Matilija Dam after the rain

Wildflowers at Camarillo Grove
[User contributed description]
Truly one of the best views of the city of Camarillo is at Camarillo Grove Park!

North Ranch Country Club Life Style Center
[User contributed description]
North Ranch Country Club Life Style Center

Gloomy day near Santa Paula after the Thomas fires
[User contributed description]
Air filled with thick smoke and low visibility.

[User contributed description]
View of orchards taken while hiking Shelf Road on a cloudy day.

[User contributed description]
Community Unity created for a historical city to Transition to a beach and Mountain View 360 degrees with improvements and contributions from all residents and government employees.

Entrance Road to Rancho Camulos
View of the main road that leads into Rancho Camulos. Footprints and wheel marks are imprinted on the unpaved road. A picket fence with trees planted behind it is to the left and right of the road creating a boundary. In the background are mountains.…

Building with Picket Fence
Image depicts a building with a white picket fence at Rancho Camulos. To the right of the building is a fence. Behind the fence is a line of trees. In the background are mountains and a cloud covering a mountain valley.

The Placita Looking North
Image depicting the small plaza at Rancho Camulos looking northward. Shows the plaza and its garden from a birds-eye view. In the background four buildings are visible. Mountains are in the far background.

The Placita Looking North
Image shows the small plaza in Rancho Camulos looking northward. View of curved hedges and trees. There are three buildings visible behind the plaza garden. Forested area and mountains visible in background.

Mupu School in Santa Paula
Schoolhouse is in view from a wide angle. Front of the building is in full view with the side of the building also visible. On both sides of the entranceway are trees. Mailboxes are shown in the bottom left of the image. A flagpole is visible to the…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
View of a promenade at Ventura beach. Pedestrian walkway visible as well as a lawn area with various trees and bushes. In the background of the image the mountains can be seen in clear view. In the foreground a concrete barrier with a steel railing…

Little Grand Canyon, South Mountain, Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the "Little Grand Canyon" of South Mountain in Santa Paula. The strata of the of the mountain is clearly visible showing each layer of rock in the foreground. What looks like a guard railing is visible to the left of the image. Larger…

From Near the Foothills Hotel, Nordhoff, Ojai Valley, Calif. postcard
Bird's-eye view of the Ojai Valley taken from Foothills Hotel. Topa Topa Mountain visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70889]

View from Top of Fillmore Grade
A view taken from the top of the Fillmore grade. Shows mountains, hillsides, and shrubland.

Ventura County Coastal Area Aerial Photo
Aerial photograph showing East Ventura including Pierpont and the intersection of Thompson Boulevard, Main Street, and Telegraph Road. A portion of the Pacific Ocean is visible in the left side of the photo. Mountain hills are to the east, and…

Bird's Eye View of San Buenaventura, Cal 1877
Mounted photograph of map. Photo is black and white, original map is in color. Map is number M0230, available to view here. Shows view of Ventura in 1877, with a view "From the Bay, Looking North" as written along the bottom of the map. Ships, wharf,…
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