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Female Freshman Student Kneeling on Lawn, with Other Students Braiding Her Hair, Freshman Day, Ventura
View of kneeling girl having her hair curled or braided by peers on a grass field. Other students and a brick structure visible in background.

Magdalena Camarillo
Bust portrait of Magdalena Camarillo, seated, looking at the viewer. She wears her hair in a braid crown, wears earrings, small scarf, a chain, and has a coat with large buttons.

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Maria Louisa Ruiz
Full portrait of Maria Louisa Ruiz at ten years old. She is standing on dirt in front of a small tree and wooden porch. Maria is dressed in a light colored dress with dark stockings and shoes. She is holding a teddy bear in her right arm and a pieceā€¦

Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of Hill School students. There are four rows of students, two seated and two standing. Miss Dennis, teacher, can be seen standing on the right.
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