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Family of Elba Reed, Santa Paula, circa 1910.…

J. H. Bradley
Bust portrait of J. H. Bradley, wearing a suit looking to the left of camera. He established the Ventura Signal newspaper in 1871.

Samuel Miller Woodsen Easley Among Beehives
Full portrait view of Samuel Miller Woodsen Easley standing with his hands in his pockets between rows of beehives. Easley is facing the viewer and appears middle aged with a shaggy beard. He is wearing a hat and dark waistcoat. Rocks have been…

West from Post Office Tower, Ojai, Cal. postcard
Bird's eye view looking west on Ojai Avenue from the post office tower. View of Ojai Avenue with cars parked on both sides, Libbey Park and arcade partially visible on left and right of image. Bottom of postcard captioned "Post Office Tower, Ojai,…

Post Office, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Ojai post office on the right side of the image, showing Ojai Avenue on left and center of image. Arcade and Libbey Park on either side of postcard partially visible. Many cars are parked on Ojai Avenue.

Entrance to Park, Ojai, Cal. postcard
View of Libbey Park through arcade at entrance. Groups of people visible in the park. Caption reads "Entrance to Park, Ojai, Cal."


Shamrock Auto Court Postcard
An l-shaped dirt road lined with squat bungalows making up a motel. Mountains are visible in the background.
[Artvue Post Card Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.]


Map of Tidewater Associated Oil Leases, Ventura Avenue Oil Fields and Bordering Properties
Blue line map for Associated Oil Company of Tidewater Associated Oil Company leases of Ventura Avenue oil fields and bordering properties. Tidewater Associated Oil Co. leases include: Hartman lease, McGonigle lease, Lloyd lease, and Ventura Land &…

Plaza School, Ventura
A view of the Plaza School's Santa Clara Street facade. The school was located at Santa Clara and Fir Streets. It is a large wood frame structure with a tower on the southeast corner. There is an arched entry to a covered porch at the top of several…

Frame Houses
Snapshot of two frame houses that are still standing but are almost completely destroyed. Taken after the St. Francis Dam disaster. The home on the left appears to have the doors and windows blown out. Muddy ground around the houses and in the image…

Using Clamshell to Pile Debris after St. Francis Dam Disaster
A snapshot of a clamshell bucket attached to a crane being used to remove and pile debris caused by the flooding after the St. Francis Dam disaster. A man is walking from the clamshell and a very tall pile of debris.

Pile of Debris Ready for Removal
Snapshot of "a load of debris being pulled up to clam shell, by tractor." St. Francis Dam disaster aftermath.

Loader Traveling along Silt
Snapshot of "Loader traveling along windrow of silt." Several men stand around it. St. Francis Dam disaster aftermath.

Captain Arnold Miller on Horseback
Captain Arnold Miller on horseback. Miller is carrying a rifle in one hand and holding horse's reins in the other and is looking into the camera. Photo caption reads: Aug. 31st 1935. Capt. Arnold Miller. 101 yrs. old. Starts on a lion hunt Hartman's…

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Jury in John Churchill Trial
Group portrait of the jurors that tried and acquitted John Churchill. Churchill was charged with the murder of T. Wallace More in 1877.

Standing (l-r): C. C. Bornune, Mr. Reitte, Alex Grey, John Hund, Ed Arnold, Alpha Buker, Charles Burke

Close-up of Erosion
Snapshot of a man in a suit, hat, and glasses standing with a measuring stick in ditch in a field. He appears to be taking a measurement. Library records state: "A close-up of erosion."

Erosion in Alfalfa Field
Snapshot of a man kneeling next to a plant examining it with one hand and possibly a measuring device in his other hand. His hat lays on the floor. Library records state: "Showing 18" erosion in alfalfa field."

A Cool Retreat, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of a person sitting on a small bridge over a creek.

[AZO (no other identification)]

Harry Waud
Portrait of Harry Waud, son of G.B. Waud in a uniform. He is wearing a hat with a chin strap and is posed with his arms crossed looking at the viewer.

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Marguerite Welton Holding Giant Fish
Marguerite Welton, portrait full, with large black fish caught from boat at Pt. Mugu in the 1930s. Fish is possibly a Goliath Grouper. The fish is hanging by its mouth and appears longer/taller than Welton. Welton wears nautical or sailor style…

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Port of Hueneme Construction
Bird's eye view of the construction of the harbor at Port Hueneme. Shows a large warehouse building and train tracks running alongside it on a platform over the water. People are working in various locations.
Lemon capital of the world

Camarillo State Mental Hospital
Bird's eye view of Camarillo State Hospital. Library records state: "Camarillo State Mental Hospital, portion of $7,000,000,00 (sic) 3 miles from Camarillo, 9 miles from Oxnard. Bain Photo Service, ND."

Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…

Father Serra Statue in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
Image of the statue of Father Serra in front of Ventura County Court House (now Ventura City Hall, 2022). Courthouse building in background, grass and landscaping around the statue's base in foreground. Museum records indicate "To go with poem of Fr.…
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