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Standard Oil Rotary Rig and Crew
Crew of five men working on a Standard Oil rotary drilling rig. Man nearest to the viewer is holding a tool and possibly adjusting a pipe. The four other men pose with tools and machinery in the background. One man's face is obscured by a camera…

Texaco Oil Refinery, Fillmore
Exterior view of the Texaco Oil Refinery in Fillmore, with fumes rising from smokestacks. Hill with water tank visible in background.

Note: Museum records indicate that the refinery was shut down 1950-02-01.

Associated Oil Co. Staff Costume Party Group Photo
Group portrait of Associated Oil Co. employees at a company costume party. Taken in front of the Associated Oil offices. A flag reading "Flying A Fast Action" is displayed above the group.

Back row: F. W. Hertel, C. C. Burns, L. C. Lamp, E. H.…

Associated Oil Tanks at the Foot of Figueroa Street
View of Associated Oil Co. oil tanks at the foot of Figueroa Street in Ventura, Calif.

Wilson Oil Tool Corp. Drawing of 7 1/2 x 2 1/2 Tubing Spool A.P.I. Flanges
Dark blue line on blue paper drawing of 7 1/2 x 2/12 tubing spool with A.P.I flanges. Special note says tubing spool was used at Lots 15, 16, and 17 found in document D6-1387.

Map of Tidewater Associated Oil Leases, Ventura Avenue Oil Fields and Bordering Properties
Blue line map for Associated Oil Company of Tidewater Associated Oil Company leases of Ventura Avenue oil fields and bordering properties. Tidewater Associated Oil Co. leases include: Hartman lease, McGonigle lease, Lloyd lease, and Ventura Land &…

Map of Proposed Pipeline and of Easements through Section 7 T3W, R19W and Section 12 T3N, R20W for San Marino Oil Company
Grey pencil map of proposed pipeline and easements through Section 7 T3N, R19W and Section 12 T3N, R20W for Ken Hunter of the San Marino Oil Company. Grimes Canyon Road is visible at the top of map with Lots 1-3 of T3N, R19W sectioned off below.

Portion of Lot 13 Survey Map, Ventura
Portion of Lot 13 survey map prepared for H. M. Walker, Jr. Lot shows rectangular block on upper portion for Baker Oil Tool Company and bottom portion labeled for Freeman R. Bliss. Ventura Avenue is seen on the left side and Lot 12 borders the…

Portion of Lot 13 Topographic Survey Map, Ventura
Topographic map of a portion of Lot 13, Ventura surveyed for Baker Oil Tool Company. Map depicts a rectangular portion of land with drawings of trees. On left side of map Ventura Avenue is visible with edge of concrete pavement, edge of shoulder,…

Survey of the Louis Hartman Lease Tract A, Rancho Canada Larga o Verde
British-American Oil Producing Company Map showing Survey of the Louis Hartman Lease, Tract A, Rancho Canada Larga o Verde, Ventura County, Calif. Shows portions of Ventura Avenue, and lands in the Louis Hartman Lease to British-American Oil…

California Oil Museum postcard
A view of the front and side facades of the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula. The museum is in the same building where the Union Oil Company was organized in 1890. Building is made of brick or stone facing, with large glass windows on its ground…
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