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Valley Outpost Lodge, Ojai postcard
View of a motel--with one building with a sign that reads "Office" and more buildings/cottages behind it. In the foreground is a gravel driveway and there is an area with tables and seating surrounded by rocks. Appears to be made by hand.

Ros-Eda Motel postcard
Illustrated color postcard showing the front face of the Ros-Eda Motel at U.S. 101 and Saviers Road in Oxnard.
[Colourpicture Publication, Boston, Los Angeles, K5920]

Oxnard Western Motorlodge postcard
Color photograph postcard of the Oxnard Western Motelodge. Includes an aerial view of the motel, parking lot and swimming pool. An illustrated drawing of a young Native American is printed in the bottom right corner.
[E.F. Clements, 1120 Mission ,…

Colonial House Motel postcard
Dual image postcard of the Colonial House Motel. The top image shows the two-story motel with a swimming pool in the foreground. The bottom image shows the front of the hotel including the hotel signage. Bottom caption state: 747 No. Oxnard Blvd.,…

La Barranca Motel Postcard
Postcard from La Barranca Motel that reads: "La Barranca Motel 1220 Thompson Blvd. (U. S. 101) Ventura, California Close to Good Restaurants and the Beach." The illustration shows the motel entrance from the street, with two cars in the parking lot…

Shamrock Auto Court Postcard
An l-shaped dirt road lined with squat bungalows making up a motel. Mountains are visible in the background.
[Artvue Post Card Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.]


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