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George Biggers and Harry Banks Oral History
George Biggers and Harry Banks are interviewed about bee behavior and the history of beekeeping in Ventura County. Biggers worked as a beekeeper professionally, and is noted for his appearance in Ripley's Believe It or Not! with a "bee beard." Banks…

Samuel Miller Woodsen Easley Among Beehives
Full portrait view of Samuel Miller Woodsen Easley standing with his hands in his pockets between rows of beehives. Easley is facing the viewer and appears middle aged with a shaggy beard. He is wearing a hat and dark waistcoat. Rocks have been…

Robbing the Bees
View of beekeeper, J. F. MacIntyre harvesting honey from beehives on Sespe Canyon Ranch. A bee smoker is next a hive. Plants and rows of beehives are visible in the background.
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