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Oil Fields in Upper Ojai, Morey Farm
View of the oil region of Upper Ojai, with oil wells visible throughout the view. Shows Morey Farm Grove and the home of Captain W. H. H. Hall in center background. Wooden structure visible in the foreground. This region is one of the first oil…

Map of Tidewater Associated Oil Leases, Ventura Avenue Oil Fields and Bordering Properties
Blue line map for Associated Oil Company of Tidewater Associated Oil Company leases of Ventura Avenue oil fields and bordering properties. Tidewater Associated Oil Co. leases include: Hartman lease, McGonigle lease, Lloyd lease, and Ventura Land &…

View of The Oil Fields, Santa Paula postcard
Foreground of oil fields and has two roads visible. Mountains are shown in background with a tree line visible in front.

Caption: View of the Oil Fields. Santa Paula, California.

[Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. "Postcards of Quality" (Published…

Oil Rig On Little Sespe-Fillmore, California postcard
View looking up at a wooden oil derrick on a hillside. A man is standing on a narrow road below the rig. Some oil drilling equipment is visible on the road.

[Sourvenir Publishing Co., San Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal., S234]

Ventura Oil Fields postcard
A view of a wooden derrick in the Ventura Avenue oil field. Smoke or dust cloud by building in front of the derrick. Other buildings, an automobile, tanks and two other wooden derricks in the background.

[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal. (Postcards…

Oil Field Scene
Bird's eye view of a large oil field with oil derricks, buildings, trucks, equipment, and workers on the scene. Library records indicate it is possibly "Shell Oil Company Taylor Lease, Ventura Field." Two images mounted on white cardboard.

Oil Well Christmas Tree
Description from back of photo: "The average Christmas tree of today has only one leg as show in this picture. The fittings on this Christmas tree do not have to stand the pressures shown in the older style tree and are more economical to install.…

Ventura Avenue Oil Field
A panoramic view of the Ventura Avenue oil field from a hill at Gosnell Bend.

Coast Highway Showing Rincon Sea Wall and Oil Fields Postcard
A scene of green mountains next to the ocean. A road divides the mountains from the water, and in the center of the image, the stacks of the oil fields are on either side of the road.
[Kashower, M. Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 1200 & 31724]
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