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DeLee Staunton Childhood Scenes A
Four photos depicting DeLee Staunton as a child.

Photo A: Group photo. Left to right, Mary Hanrahan - grandmother, J. C. Hanrahan - grandfather, Ann Hanrahan - aunt, Margarite "Peggy" Staunton - mother, and DeLee Staunton.

Photo B: Outdoor…

DeLee at Play A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton playing outdoors.

Photo A: DeLee standing on a swing. Large tree in background.

Photo B: DeLee stands in a forest, wearing a swimsuit and cap.

Photo C: DeLee stands on log and rocks in a river. She wears…

Moore's Cottages Beach A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton as a young girl during a family trip to Moore's Cottages beach in Solimar.

Photo A: DeLee crouches on wet sand. She is surrounded by large stones. Cabin and hills in background.

Photo B: DeLee sits with her…

Thomas Bard Gerberding and Richard Bard Playing
Indoor scene at Berylwood showing Thomas Bard Gerberding and Richard Bard sitting on the floor and playing with several toys including a plush dog or cat, a plush sheep, and what appears to be pick-up sticks or jacks.

Child Playing with Toys
Outdoor portrait of a child playing with several toys in what appears to be a sandbox. The Child wears a white dress and has short hair. They are playing with two toy horses and carriage, and plush dog. Three other unidentified toys on ground nearby.…

Group at Foster Park Picnic Table
Shows people standing and sitting at a picnic table in Foster Park, possibly for a picnic. Epifanio Manzo is seated closest to the viewer. He is sitting on the table bench backwards and is looking to the viewer. He is wearing a suit and fedora-style…

Karl Zapf Holding Fish
Shows Karl Zapf as a young boy showing off his catch after fishing, likely in the Ventura River. He holds a fish in each hand, and is wearing tall boots, pants, and long-sleeved shirt.

Picnic at Kenney Grove Park
Group photo of a group of people sitting at a picnic table at Kenney Grove park. There is a tablecloth on the table loaded with food. Picnic tables, trees, and parked cars in the background.

Sanchez Family Ready for Camping
Exterior view of the Sanchez family car with members of the family in it, ready for camping in the Sierras. A large bundle is tied to the front side of the car, probably camping gear.

Inadomi Siblings at the Beach
This image shows George, Jean, Kiyo, and Iris Inadomi on the beach in either Oxnard or Ventura. There is a dock or a pier in the background.

Anna Inadomi With Mother and Siblings
This image shows Anna Inadomi sitting on the lawn with her mother and siblings. There are seven people all together, including two children. The exterior front porch of a house can be seen in the background.

Yashiharu Inadomi and Friends on Beach
This image shows Yashiharu Inadomi posing for a picture with his friends John Otani and John Nichikawa. The name of the fourth individual is unknown.

George and Jean Inadomi at Oxnard Beach
This image shows George standing behind Jean Inadomi playing on the sand at Oxnard Beach.

This image shows George Inadomi as a young child playing on the beach in Oxnard. George is smiling at the camera while sitting on a beach ball in the sand. Another child is in the background to the right.

Ventura Pier Beach Scene
This image shows the beach from the point of view of the Ventura Pier looking inland. There are people on the beach and several cars parked in the background.

Playing Shogi
This image shows Nagao Fujita (on right) playing Shogi (Japanese chess) with his friend inside the barracks at the Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona.

Preparing for Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club Hill Climb
Scene at meeting of the Santa Barbara Motorcycle Club at La Conchita del Mar showing men standing and sitting around vehicles and motorcycles at the base of a hill, preparing for a hill climb on their motorcycles.

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Ventura Bath House, Ventura, California postcard
Crowded scene of the interior of the Ventura Bathhouse. To the left of the image is the pool, with an upper deck providing seating and access to a slide; many figures are swimming in the pool or seated on the decks. To the right is a hallway leading…

New Pier at Point Mugu
Photo of people on the new Pt. Mugu pier. Some are walking on the peir, others are fishing off of the pier.

Camping at Pierpont Bay
Bird's eye view of men, women, and children actively setting up a camping tent and campground. There is a car with people and a dog inside parked alongside the tent on what appears to be a road in the sand. The beach in the background appears to be…
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