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DeLee and Skippy A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton and her pet dog Skippy.

Photo A: DeLee sitting in a garden holding Skippy in her lap. She wears a dress with Peter Pan collar. Skippy appears to be a Jack Russel Terrier or similar breed.

Photo B: DeLee…

DeLee at Play A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton playing outdoors.

Photo A: DeLee standing on a swing. Large tree in background.

Photo B: DeLee stands in a forest, wearing a swimsuit and cap.

Photo C: DeLee stands on log and rocks in a river. She wears…

DeLee in Pirate Costume
Outdoor scene showing DeLee Staunton dressed in a costume. She stands on a garden pathway at 828 Poli Street. She is dressed as a pirate with boots and hat. She has hand raised towards the viewer.

DeLee Playing on Beach A
Three photos of DeLee playing on the beach at Moore's cottages, now Solimar.

Photo A: DeLee sitting on the beach. Using a small tool, she shovels sand into a bucket. Automobile in background.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother Peggy sitting on the…

DeLee Playing with Toys A
Three outdoor photos showing DeLee Staunton playing with several toys.

Photo A: DeLee stands in front of a hedge. She holds a teddy bear wearing a dress in her arms. She looks towards the right of the view.

Photo B: DeLee crouches over a doll…

DeLee Staunton at Play A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton playing outside. All taken on N. Ash Street in Ventura.

Photo A: DeLee crouches by a doll bed. She places a porcelain doll on the bed. Hedges behind her.

Photo B: DeLee sits cross-legged on a grass lawn. She…

DeLee Staunton Childhood Photos A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee riding a "Kiddy-car" or scooter. She looks to the left out of the sides of her eyes, with a serious expression on her face.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother, Peggy…

DeLee Staunton in Costume
Outdoor scene showing DeLee Staunton dressed in a costume. She stands on a garden pathway. She is barefoot and wears a dress with ragged edge. She holds a towel spread out behind her. Taken at 828 Poli Street.

DeLee Staunton in Costume A
Two outdoor photos taken in the garden of 828 Poli Street showing DeLee Staunton dressed in costume.

Photo A: DeLee is dressed as a Romani dancer with headscarf and tambourine held above her head.

Photo B: DeLee is dressed as a ballerina with…

DeLee Staunton Marshall and Family A
Four outdoor photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall and her family.

Photo A: DeLee as a child standing with three of her relatives. Annie Hanrahan (aunt) and Marguerite "Peggy" Staunton (mother) stand in back. DeLee and Mary Longmaid Hanrahan…

Dick Gould and Dorothy Durfee as Children on Beach
Cousins Richard (Dick) and Dorothy play in the sand as children on a beach in Ventura. Dick lays on the ground next to a rope, and Dorothy stands. Both look at the viewer. The shipwrecked Coos Bay is behind them as well as the Ventura Wharf.

Dierdorff Family Reunion
Panorama, composite photograph of a very large group of men, women, and children at the Dierdorff Family Reunion, 1914. They are standing or sitting in rows in the outdoors. Some family members are identified with their names written on them.

Dojo Sukui Dancers
This photo shows young dancers performing a dojo-sukui folk dance at the Buddhist Church of Oxnard. Miyoko Takeda is at left and Hiroshi Takeda is second from the left.

Dr. Stephen Coray Vaccinating Child Against Measles
Stephen Coray, M.D. (left) with a young patient. Dr. Coray is pressing a jet injector to the child's arm. The child is smiling and pointing to his arm. A sign that reads "Measles Stop Measles" in the shape of a traffic stop sign is visible behind the…

Eddie Gonzales at Rivcom Protest
Eddie Gonzales holding sign for Rivcom [Rancho Sespe] protest at the Ventura County Government Center. Gonzales is two years old in photo. Other protesters visible in background. Gonzales' sign reads "I need water to grow." Ventura County Star-Free…

Emma and Berta Ordoñez, Child Portrait
Full portrait of Emma Ordoñez (left, standing) and Berta Ordoñez (right seated). Emma is approximately 3 and Berta is a baby. Children of Trinidad Ordoñez.

Falkner Farm Apricot Pitting Crew
Outdoor group photo of the apricot pitting crew at Falkner Farm, standing under covered patio. Crew includes men, women, and children.

Farm with a man and children in yard.

Farmhouse and Garden
Shows a small farmhouse and garden. Photo taken from the tilled garden space. Three small saplings appear to be growing in the tilled earth. The farmhouse is a single-story, wood structure. Large trees grow behind it. An unidentified man and two…

Faustino Lopez's Grocery Store Interior, Santa Paula
Interior view of Faustino Lopez's Mexican Grocery Store in Santa Paula. Customer, Quejada leaning against counter. Shop owner, Faustino Lopez and his sons, Celso and Jose behind counter. Shelves of goods visible behind counter.

Note: Museum…

First Grade Class Photo, Haydock School, Oxnard
First Grade class photo at Haydock School. On the left is Richard Haydock, teacher. On the right is Miss Cannon, first grade.


First School and Pupils in Ventura
Group portrait of children and adults standing in front of a small building. The building is light colored with a darker roof. There is an open doorway and one window that can be seen. Approximately 18 children of various ages are standing in a line…

First Temple Sunday School
This image shows the pupils of the First Temple Sunday School program posing in front of a private home at C and 6th Streets in Oxnard, California.

Panoramic group portrait for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Masakatsu Iwamoto. Married in the first wedding conducted at Oxnard Buddhist Church in Oxnard, Calif. in 1931. Bride, groom, wedding party and guests are gathered outside the church for the…

Five Children Outside of Palm Street Kindergarten
Mounted snapshot of five children with their arms around one another outside of Palm Street Kindergarten in Ventura.


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