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DeLee Staunton Childhood Photos A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee riding a "Kiddy-car" or scooter. She looks to the left out of the sides of her eyes, with a serious expression on her face.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother, Peggy…

DeLee Staunton at Play A
Three childhood images of DeLee Staunton Marshall at play.

Photo A: Exterior view of Staunton house. DeLee stands in the window. She has one hand lifted up. Ivy on left side of view.

Photo B: DeLee on tricycle pulling a small wagon across a…

DeLee Staunton Childhood Photos A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee stands on a paved pathway and holds a bouquet of poinsettias. She looks to the right of view and wears a loose blouse and Jodhupur pants.

Photo B: Close-up, upward…

DeLee Staunton Childhood Photos A
Three photos showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee stands on a paved pathway and holds a bouquet of poinsettias. Her father, C. C. Staunton kneels beside her. He wears a dark suit and thin mustache. DeLee wears a loose…

DeLee Staunton at Play A
Three views of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl playing outdoors. Two [A and C] taken in park area near Ash and Meta Streets.

Photo A: DeLee stands in a grass lawn holding a bouquet of flowers in one hand. She is barefoot and wears a sheer…

DeLee Staunton Standing on Path
Outdoor scene showing DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl standing on a paved pathway outside of the Staunton home on Gould Ranch. She wears a wide brimmed hat and Jodhpur pants.

Library records indicate that the Staunton home was the ranch…

Young DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three photos of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a young girl.

Photo A: DeLee sitting in a wicker armchair outdoors. She wears a knee-length dress, boots, and bobbed hair. She cradles a porcelain doll in her arms.

Photo B: DeLee standing in front of…

DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three portraits of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a child in various poses.

Photo A: Shows DeLee wearing dark coat over light blouse and bloomers. She is holding a leaf or flower and studies it.

Photo B: Bust portrait, shows DeLee looking…

DeLee Staunton Marshall A
Three portraits of DeLee Staunton Marshall as a child.

Photo A: DeLee crouches on a paved walkway beside a teddy bear in a toy stroller. She is wagging her finger at the bear. She wears a white dress, black shoes, and bobbed hair.

Photo B:…

Sem Sisters, Mabel Hing, and Ann Gow
Studio portrait showing five young girls wearing white dresses, hair bows, and short-bobbed hair. L-R: Mabel Hing, Annie Sem, Daisy Sem, Sue Sem, and Ann Gow. Daisy sits in the center on a chair. Annie and Sue sit on the arms of the chair. Mabel and…

Sunday School Picnic 1910
Group portrait of a Sunday school class picnic. The children pose in a group by a eucalyptus grove. The children are dressed in formal attire. The smallest children are in the front and the taller children in the back of the group. To the right of…

Myrtle Shepherd and Son
Portrait of Mrs. Myrtle Shepherd holding her baby son in her arms. The baby is facing the viewer, and Myrtle's side is towards the viewer.

Arnaz School Near Ventura, Ventura Co., Cal. postcard
Hand-colored photographic postcard. Students of various ages and teachers are posing for a picture in front of the Arnaz School. The girls and women are wearing dresses. Most of the boys appear to be wearing bib-style overalls. The white clapboard…

Girl and Baby in Decorated Stroller
A little girl in a fancy light colored dress with a bow in her hair holds the handles of a stroller adorned with flowers that has a baby inside. The girl and stroller are on the grass in Plaza Park in Ventura, the Congregational Church in the…

Children's Parade
Children's parade down Main Street, Ventura. The children stand in a "V" formation holding with one hand what appear to be sheets that have been knotted together to form the "V." In their other hand, they hold US flags high up in the air. More…

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Congregation
Numerous congregants, including men, women, and children, stand outside the Pleasant Valley Baptist Church for a group photo. The congregants are dressed in their "Sunday best."

Children and Dogs on Beach
Photo captioned "A Study in Black and White" shows two unidentified black children on a beach. Each child holds onto a dog by the leash. One child looks at the viewer and the other looks off to the right. The children wear regular clothing, not…

Group Portrait of Guerrero, Sanchez, and Rivas Children
Outdoor portrait of seven children standing side by side in a yard between two houses. The children are (l-r): Concha Guerrero, Lupe Sanchez, Josie Guerrero, Tony Rivas, Refugio Sanchez, Martina Rivas, Maria Sanchez.

Rivas Family Portrait
Full portrait of the family of Manuel Rivas and Nicanor Sanchez Rivas. Their children are daughter Martina, age 1, standing on a chair, and baby Antonio, sitting in Nicanor's lap. Manuel wears a suit, tie, and hat; Nicanor wears a broad-brimmed hat…

Arnulfo Sanchez as a Boy with Dog
Full portrait of a boy, Arnulfo Sanchez, standing next to his dog, Dick. Arnulfo wears a belted coat, knickers, log socks, and a hat. Dick is a small, light colored dog with a collar and is seated on a chair.

Daily Children Portrait--Milton, Tom, and Lillian
Full portrait of three Daily children from l-r: Milton Frank Daily Sr., Tom Daily Sr., Lillian Daily (Borchard). Milton, a baby, shares a chair with Tom, while Lillian stands on a step stool. The children face the camera, but gaze to the right of the…

Ruth Sudden With Dog, Child Portrait
Brown toned full portrait of Ruth Sudden, a young girl, with dog. Ruth has one hand on the dog and is facing the camera looking slightly right of the viewer. She wears a sailor style dress. To her right is an elaborately carved piece of furniture.

Charlie S. Bartlett Child Portrait
Full portrait of Charlie S. Bartlett, a young boy, standing next to an upholstered chair. He rests one arm on the chair and looks to the right of the viewer. He is wearing an almost knee length coat with buttons down the front, striped socks or…

Francisco Camarillo
Full portrait of Francisco Camarillo as a young boy sitting on an upholstered fringed chair. He wears a double breasted coat with shorts, stockings, and boots. He is gazing to the right of the viewer.

Walter Vickers
Full portrait of Walter Vickers, a young boy of about 5, standing with one arm resting on an upholstered chair. His body faces the viewer but he is gazing to the right of viewer. Walter wears a belted coat, shorts, tall socks, and boots.
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