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President Reagan With Musicians in Century City Office
President Ronald Reagan at his office in Century City with a group of musicians. L-R: Marvin Johnson, violin, Frank Umbro, accordion, President Reagan, Hershey Bell, trumpet, Buck Page, guitar.

Washington Grammar School Music Students
Outdoor photograph of 3 rows of students sitting and standing with musical instruments. A male faculty member stands in the back row of students on the left. Students: Marcella Wilson and Mary Louise Reagen or Reages (?) are in front row, their names…

Student Musicians
Outdoor group photograph of music students. Unknown whether these students are in a school band or a junior high school music class. Teacher is on far left of photograph. Students are standing in three rows with band instruments. Unknown locale,…

Student Orchestra, May Henning School
A large group of children and one teacher pose on the front lawn of Ventura Junior College and Senior High School. The boys and girls are all holding musical instruments, including drums, saxophones, trombones, clarinets, and string instruments.…

Bartlett's Minstrels
A mounted piece of artwork featuring portraits of fifteen performers as part of Bartlett's Minstrels. (Left to Right, Top Row): Jule Wagner, Charlie Welch, James Clark, Carl Perkins, Harry Whitehouse. (Left to Right, Middle Row): Waldo Porter, Thomas…

Children's Band at May Henning School, Ventura, 1949
A children's band is seen standing outside of May Henning School in Ventura. There are two lines of children, arranged in a semi-circle and the children are all holding musical instruments. The children in the front row all appear to have horns, the…

Interior of a specialty store with two men holding ukuleles.
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