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Barbara and James Jue, Jr.
Portrait of Barbara and James Jue, Jr. as children. Barbara's face is turned towards the right, but she looks towards the viewer. Her hair is bobbed. James Jr. wears shirt and pants with suspenders. His hair is slicked back. His mouth is slightly…

Jue Siblings as Children
Childhood portraits of James Jr., Kenny, and Barbara Jue. Portraits trimmed from larger photos and arranged together. Names written above each portrait.

Henry and Annie Sem
Outdoor portrait of Henry and Annie Sem as children. Henry wears a pair of overalls. Annie wears a striped sweater, skirt, and bobbed hair. They stand in a grass field and look towards the viewer. Buildings in background.

Atala, Will, and Adela Wagner
Family bust portrait of three children: Atala, Will, Adela Wagner. The children are only identified by name, not position in photograph. They all wear corsages. One of the children, a girl and possibly the eldest, stands behind the other two…

Adult Children of Michael and Sarah Lavelle Flynn
Group portrait of the adult children of Michael and Sarah Lavelle Flynn. Left to Right: Adolphe, Sarah "Sweetie" Flynn Rotsler, Ernest, Dave, Emmett, James, Steve, Grace, and Clarence.

Abundio Sanchez Family
Children of Abundio and Concepción Sanchez pose for a full group portrait outside of a home. Some are seated and some are standing and all are looking at the viewer. L-R: Refugio "Ruth", Soledad, Guadalupe, Arnulfo, and Maria "Mary".

Daily Children Portrait--Milton, Tom, and Lillian
Full portrait of three Daily children from l-r: Milton Frank Daily Sr., Tom Daily Sr., Lillian Daily (Borchard). Milton, a baby, shares a chair with Tom, while Lillian stands on a step stool. The children face the camera, but gaze to the right of the…

Ralph and Julien Cerf
Portrait of Ralph and Julien Cerf, two young children seated together on top of a wooden carved bench. They are both wearing long gowns with lace collars and buckled boots. One of the boys holds a basket of flowers in one hand.

Rodriguez Family Portrait
Family portrait of the Rodriguez (J. Y.) family, all children. They are identified as:
(back row, l-r): J.Y. Jr. and Jose
(front row l-r): Eva, Francisca, Adam

Gordon Ruiz, age 5; Maria Ruiz, Age 7
Full portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz at age five and Maria Louisa Ruiz at age seven sitting on the same chair. They are sitting in a room surrounded by a chair, desk, books on a bookshelf and hanging portraits. Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa…

Maria Louisa Ruiz and Gordon Nidever Ruiz - Infants
Oval portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa Ruiz sitting in chairs leaning against a drape. They are both wearing light colored children's clothes and Maria has light ribbons in her pigtails. Maria and Gordon are the children of Maria…

Lucy, Ruth and Gabriel
Group portrait of Lucy V. Ruiz, Gabriel Ruiz and Ruth M. Ruiz. Lucy and Ruth are seated while Gabriel stands in the middle. A studio backdrop is visible in the background.

Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louise Ruiz
Family photograph of siblings Gordon Nidever Ruiz, age 7, and Maria Louisa Ruiz, age 9, smiling sitting cross-legged on grass in a yard with plants and a fence in the background. Maria Louisa has her right arm around Gordon Nidever's right shoulder…

Emma and Berta Ordoñez, Child Portrait
Full portrait of Emma Ordoñez (left, standing) and Berta Ordoñez (right seated). Emma is approximately 3 and Berta is a baby. Children of Trinidad Ordoñez.

Inadomi Siblings on Christmas
This image shows Iris, Kiyo, George, and Jean Inadomi posing for their picture beside a Christmas tree. The photo was taken inside the living room of the Inadomi family residence at 619 South C Street, Oxnard, California.

Inadomi Children
This image shows Iris, Kiyo, George, and Jean Inadomi posing for a photo in the front yard of their family home, located at 619 South C Street, Oxnard, California.

Inadomi Siblings
This image shows Kiyo, Iris, and George Inadomi posing outside of their house, view is facing the street behind them. A Lincoln Zephyr automobile is parked behind them.

Rosa, Bud, and Ruby Vanegas, Childhood Group Photo
The children stand in a yard, looking at the camera. Left to right: Rosa Vanegas, Bud Vanegas, and Ruby Vanegas. Rosa is wearing a dress, Bud is wearing overalls and a hat, and Ruby is wearing pants and a hat and holding a chicken. There is a…
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