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Ruth Sanchez with Infant
Ruth Sanchez holds a baby, possibly Alberto, at Ventura Street house under an arbor. Arbor was built by Abundio Sanchez. Ruth and baby face and look at the viewer.

Portrait of Three Children and a Baby
Three children pose for a portrait outdoors. They are (l-r): Tony Rivas, Maria Sanchez, and Martina Rivas. Maria is sitting, holding a baby in her lap; name of baby not provided.

Fred Carlisle Snodgrass Baby Portrait
Full sepia toned portrait photograph of Fred Carlisle Snodgrass as an infant (age 6 mos. to 1 yr.). Fred is seated and in profile, but turned toward the camera. He appears to have light colored curly hair and is wearing a light colored gown.…

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Birdie Adela Fulkerson Baby Portrait
Mounted full portrait of baby Birdie Adela Fulkerson (Culbert). She wears a white gown and smiles looking slightly right of the viewer. She was born, 1893, died 1985.

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Calvin Day Brewster, Baby Portrait
Full portrait of Calvin Day Brewster as a baby, seated in a chair, wearing a gown. An arm holding him is visible in the photo behind him. Calvin was born in 1877 and died in 1879. He was the son of John Calvin Brewster and Mary O'beria Brewster.

Pansy Augusta Brewster, Child Portrait
Full, seated portrait of Pansy Augusta Brewster, lounging on her left side on an upholstered chair. She has one leg tucked under her, is turned toward the camera, gazes upward. She is holding something in her lap and wears a small bow in her hair.

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Pansy Augusta Brewster, Baby Portrait
Full, seated portrait of a smiling Pansy Augusta Brewster in an upholstered chair, clutching a doll to her side. She is looking off the left of the viewer, and her body is turned left.

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Baby Gabriel with Sisters Ruth M. and Lucy V. Ruiz
Oval portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz, Lucy V. Ruiz and baby Gabriel Ruiz. They are all wearing white children's clothing and Ruth has white ribbons in her pigtails. The picture is bordered by a light embossed Artistic Portraits frame.

Gabriel Ruiz - Baby
Oval portrait of Gabriel Ruiz as a baby in an embossed black frame. He is staring slightly left of center with his right hand holding a blanket and his feet in the air in front of him.

Black-and-white footage of a family gathering, featuring men and mostly women of a variety of ages, along with occasional footage of orchards, a shooting range, and a chicken farm.

The footage opens with a gathering of men and women in formal…

Emma and Berta Ordoñez, Child Portrait
Full portrait of Emma Ordoñez (left, standing) and Berta Ordoñez (right seated). Emma is approximately 3 and Berta is a baby. Children of Trinidad Ordoñez.

Julieta Ordoñez, Baby Portrait
Portrait, full, seated, Julieta Ordoñez in a printed dress.


Trinidad and Adela Ordoñez With Two Children
Group outdoor portrait, of Trinidad Ordoñez, right, and Adela Ordoñez, left, standing with two younger children. It is unclear which is Trinidad and which is Adela, and the younger children are unnamed. Photo was taken in Silver City, New Mexico,…

Pasqual M. Real, Anthony D. Real & Claudina L.D. Real
Group portrait in in oval frame of (l-r) Pasqual Moreno Real, Anthony Duarte Real, and Claudina Lugo Duarte Real on the occasion of Anthony's christening. Pasqual is wearing a dark suit and tie. Anthony is wearing a white christening gown and bonnet…

Anthony D. Real
Seated portrait in an oval frame of Anthony Duarte Real as an infant. Real was born in February 1910 in Simi Valley as the first child of Pasqual M. Real and Claudina Lugo Duarte Real. Museum records indicate he was delivered by Dr. Artimis Strong of…

Mother and Seven Children
Group portrait of what is presumably a mother surrounded by her seven children. There are three boys and a girl standing behind the mother as well as one boy and one girl seated on each side of the mother and one baby, presumably a girl is being held…

Anna and George Inadomi
This image shows Anna Inadomi holding her infant son, George. They are posing for their picture in front of a parade float that has been created by the Inadomi Store for the Fillmore parade.

Max Riave Holding Baby Daughter
Max Riave holds one of his daughters up for a photo while standing outside in front of Camarillo Mercantile in 1945. Max is looking downward and the baby girl is smiling at the camera. Other businesses are in the background.

Maria del Espíritu Ortega Ustasaustagui With Baby Ruby Vanegas
Maria del Espíritu Ortega Ustasaustagui, seated, holding baby Ruby Vanegas in her lap. Photo appears to be cut into an oval shape. Maria del Espíritu is elderly and is wearing glasses and a vest, and appears to be mid-knitting. Baby Ruby is holding a…


Fujita Family Portrait, 1944
This image shows Lillie and Nagao Fujita posing with their son, Rodney, and Nagao's mother, Setsuki Fujita. This full-standing portrait was taken outside on the grounds of the Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona.

Juan Gonzalez De La Rosa Holding Son John as a Baby
Juan Gonzales De La Rosa holds his son John, a baby. Juan is standing in a park-like setting wearing a suit, tie, and driving cap, and holding John in one arm. Juan and John face the camera.

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Takasugi Family Portrait, 1932
Portrait shows grandparents Gorokichi (top center) and Tsuta Takasugi (seated right) posing with Frank and Tono Takasugi (seated) and their eight young children, who are standing or sitting.

Takasugi Family Portrait, 1920
This image shows an interior full view portrait of the Takasugi family. From left: Gorokichi Takasugi, Frank Takasugi, Tsuta Takasugi, Leonard Takasugi (100 days old) and Tono Takasugi.

Otsuki Family Inside Pacific Hand Laundry
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. Hisa Otsuki posing with their baby, Hatsua, who is seated in an infant high chair. They are in the back working area of the Pacific Hand Laundry. An additional unidentified employee's side profile can also be seen.…

Group Portrait
Group portrait of five people--two women, one man, and two children. Identified as (l-r): Mrs. Fujita, Nagao Fujita (boy), Mr. Harai (?), Mrs. M. Yoshida, and Hatsuve Yoshida.


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