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Apricot Pickers on the Staire Ranch
Group photo of apricot pickers, men, women, and children, on the Staire Ranch standing in front of a pitting shed. Staire Ranch was on Ventura Avenue. On the right, the woman with dirty apron, hand to head, is Muriel C. Eells. Man in dark coveralls…

Avenue Oil Field
Bird's eye view of Avenue Oil Field, writing on photograph states: Petroleum Securities Lease Avenue Oil Field. Photo taken from hill at Gosnell Bend on Ventura Avenue.


Adobe on site of Hill School
The "House of the Angel," an adobe on the site of the Hill School, distant view. The first Republican Club also met in the adobe according to the caption attached to photo. Image also shows a dirt road running in front of the adobe along the hill and…

Ventura Oil Field and Ventura Ave. Panorama
Panoramic bird's eye view of Ventura Oil Field and Ventura Avenue.

Ventura Avenue, 1880
Bird's eye view of Ventura Avenue, looking north from Main Street. Tico Adobe is pictured on viewer's left foreground. A horse drawn cart are on a dirt road. Fields, trees and houses line the road.
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