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Filming of "The Sheik"
Bird's eye view of the set of "The Sheik", a 1921 silent romantic drama starring Rudolph Valentino and Agnes Ayres. Filming was on an Oxnard beach. It is a crowded beach scene with many palm trees and large striped tents. A large group of people on…

Men engaged in a ceremony in a large tent.

Men engaged in a ceremony in a large tent.

Family Camping

Men camping on Channel Islands.

Family camping on Channel Islands.

Man on Anacapa Island Beach

Tents and people on horseback in rural area [image is degraded].

Camping with tents and families

Beach Camp at Hueneme
The men took their turn cooking all dressed up in women's clothing. A group of women and children stand around under a large tent or canopy. Some of the group are looking into the camera. Caption reads: Hueneme Beach Camp, Sept. 23, 1907.

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