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Wright's Harness Shop and Duval's Drygoods, Saticoy
Early street view of Saticoy storefronts. W. D. Wright's Harness Shop is on the left. Eugene Duval's Drygoods Store on the right. Three men stand on porch of store, second from right. A man with bicycle stands in front of same store. Two horse-drawn…

Automobile and People in Front of Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory
Matte photo of automobile in front of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory. People standing next to automobile.

Note: Museum records include text "Visiting Sugar Beet Factory."

Pepper-tree Lined Driveway
Faded brown toned photo of a glimpse of a home reached by a lane, hidden by a tunnel-like drive of pepper trees. Fencing on either side of lane visible.

Note: Museum records indicate that location is likely the property of J. Maulhardt, and…

Man Riding Carriage Pulled by One White Horse
Faded brown toned photo of unidentified man in surrey pulled by white horse. Farmland adjacent to dirt roadway.

Note: Museum records indicate photo includes pink post-it-note stating "J. March 3." Same series as 34398.

Tunnel Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of an automobile driving through a tunnel on the road to Wheeler Hot Springs.

Road to Wheeler Hot Springs
View of the road to Wheeler Hot Springs. Two horses graze on sides of road. Trees grow on the sides of the road.

Entrance Road to Rancho Camulos
View of the main road that leads into Rancho Camulos. Footprints and wheel marks are imprinted on the unpaved road. A picket fence with trees planted behind it is to the left and right of the road creating a boundary. In the background are mountains.…

Woman Photographs Boulders in Joshua Tree National Park
The image shows a landscape of big boulders and desert vegetation. In front of the boulders there is a dirt road where a woman stands with a camera taking photographs of the landscape. To the left of the image there is an assortment of Joshua trees,…

Cars Parked Outside of Motel
Image shows two parked cars on the side of two separate brick motel buildings. Sitting on the edge of the patio next to one of the cars is a woman with her dog. The ground in front of the motel is made up of dirt with visible the tire marks. In the…

Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson, Arizona
View of Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson, Arizona from the front. A large dirt road in the foreground of the image leads up to the entrance of the mission. The mission's church towers stand tall above everything in the photo. In front of and to…

High School, Central Ave., Looking South, Fillmore postcard
View of a dirt road in the foreground aside a row of tall trees to the left of the road. In the background a highschool can be seen beyond the dirt road. A horse is pictured under the trees to the left. On the right side of the road lies telegraph…

On the Road to Matilija, Ojai Valley, Calif. postcard
View of the road to Matilija through the Ojai Valley. Road is unpaved and lined with foliage. Valley and mountains visible in the background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70884]

Ysoardy Building
View of a long one-story building, with group of people standing on the porch for a group picture. Library records indicate, "Bakery and Saloon of Ysoardy where now stands Palace Hotel across from mission." Main Street visible in the foreground.…

Ojai Arcade
View of the Ojai Arcade taken from the street. Some storefronts are visible under the Arcade's archways. The road is unpaved, and a row of early automobiles is parked outside the Arcade. Several trees are growing outside of the archways. Black album…

F. G. Sifford House
The Sifford house located on South Ash Street. A view taken from the street of a two-story wood frame house with stone chimney and two balconies. The street is unpaved.

Ventura Avenue, looking North
A view of Ventura Avenue as a dirt road, looking north. On the left side of the street is a tree-lined fence. A woman and young child are standing on the edge of the road. The site of Avenue School is on the left, out of view. In the background of…

Rose Flour Mill
Exterior view of the Rose Flour Mill on Ventura Avenue. Three story clapboard building with a covered wagon in the street in front and four men sitting or standing on a deck in front of the building, F. A. Orton, J. W. Orr, W. Summers, S. Lennon.

US Cavalry Performing Maneuvers
4 images showing the US Cavalry (several uniformed men on horseback) performing maneuvers on a dirt road. According to library records they camped at Seaside Park in Ventura, Calif.

Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom postcard
Fields of mustard plants in bloom are depicted on either side of a dirt road leading to "Santa Paula Mineral Springs." Mountains are visible in the background.

Caption: Road to Santa Paula Mineral Springs, Mustard in Bloom, Santa Paula Canyon,…

Drive, Near Ventura, Cal. postcard
View of an unpaved road with brush and large trees on either side.

[MacGregor Bros., Ventura Cal. (Postcards of Quality, Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)]

Ventura County Court House postcard
Looking north on California Street toward the front facade of the Ventura County Courthouse. The street is dirt but there are paved sidewalks on either side. An automobile is parked on Poli Street in front of the building.

[MacGregor Bros.,…

San Buena Ventura Mission, Ventura postcard
A view looking northwest toward the mission from the opposite side of Main Street. The street is not paved. Four men wearing hats are sitting on the building's steps. Part of the Parish House is visible as well as one of the Norfolk Pine…

On Road To Tent City, Ventura, Co., Cal., Matilija Hot Springs postcard
View of a dirt road lined with trees and rocks. Road is heavily shaded by the trees.

Caption: On Road to Tent City, Ventura Co., Cal, Matilija Hot Springs

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4091]

San Buenaventura Mission, 1878-1879
Exterior view of the San Buenaventura Mission circa 1878-1879 around the time Main Street was levelled, according to library records. Main Street visible in foreground. An old arch and fence are at the church's entrance. Two men stand at the…

Arcade, Ojai Avenue, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Two people stand under arcade arches, looking at the viewer. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."
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