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Prince Barranca
Prince Barranca on Thompson Ave. in Ventura, looking west. Verso of photo has typed writing that reads:

Prince Barranca
On Thompson Avenue, makes an angle of 38 degrees with road line, length of deck 56 feet, width of roadway 30 feet, walls…

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Road Sign Advertising for Oxnard Hotel
Image of a sign for the Oxnard Hotel taken from the side of a road. Sign reads "Straight Ahead 8 miles Oxnard Hotel 65 Rooms Hot and Cold Water-Private Baths Dining Room A La Carte Service" and in small letters on the left side of the sign "Lyle…

San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct Ruins
A little girl holds the hand of a toddler as they walk on a road made through what used to be the San Buenaventura Mission aqueduct. Library records state "Ruins of 7 mile San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct, so solid after a century and a half that…

Car Trouble on Rincon Causeway
Rincon, east of causeway looking west, possibly showing the aftermath of storm in 1916. Causeway looks partially eroded in foreground and there is a wheelbarrow with equipment in it, perhaps for storm cleanup. There are people on the causeway near…

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View of Hollywood by the Sea Beach
Bird's eye view of a busy beach scene at Hollywood by the Sea. Library notes indicate this was taken before 1935. Scene shows a road in the sand lined with utility poles running through the center of photo, water at left of image. Several houses and…

Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield, California postcard
Bird's eye view of a winding road along a hill or mountainside, a car driving away from the viewer partially obscured by a bend in the road. Mountains in the background, left. Top left of image reads "Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los…

Conejo Grade, Coast Highway, Los Angeles to Ventura & Santa Barbara, California postcard
Bird's eye view of the Conejo Grade. Postcard reads "Conejo Grade, Coast Highway, Los Angeles to Ventura & Santa Barbara, California."
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 847 & 104181]

Paving Crew on Oxnard Boulevard
This image shows a seven-man paving crew working on Oxnard Boulevard during the widening project that took place circa 1925. The men are using shovels and there is a large paving machine visible to the right of the frame. There are three men and a…

View of Somis From Camarillo
Photo states "Looking toward Somis from church tower in Camarillo." There is a grouping of business and residences in the foreground of photo and vast scenery of Somis in the background consisting of field. A road runs from the foreground to the…

Lane of Trees at Camarillo Ranch
An view of a lane of trees on Camarillo Ranch. Portions of buildings can be seen behind the trees.

Quote associated with this negative explains, "Often the dining room would not accommodate its many guests. A string of tables would be set up down…

Palm Trees on Blanchard's Ranch Postcard
A dirt road lined with squat but very leafy palm trees. On the left edge of the road is a man squatting to hold a toddler in white towards the camera. Six men in black suits and hats stand next to each other, spanning the road, with a woman in a hat…

Oak Ridge Oil Field Postcard
A road cuts through a rocky mountainside, and in the background is the Oak Ridge Oil Field and Santa Paula. Two duplicate postcards--one is typed, not postmarked and bears no date, while the other is postmarked August 6, 1926 and addressed to Mr.…

Stereoscopic view of horses and wagons along a road.

Construction scene with scaffolding.

Rincon Road
Landscape view of Rincon Road, which appears to be a dirt road at this point in time. The ocean can be seen on the left and mountains to the right.

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Rincon Causeway
Photograph of the first automobile on the Rincon Causeway, which belonged to Fritz Huntsinger. An automobile can be seen driving down the highway with the ocean on the right and mountains on the left.
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