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Bird's-Eye View of Wheeler Hot Springs Resort
Bird's-eye view of some of the buildings at the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Dense foliage and mountains surround the resort.

"A Cozy Nest," Wheeler Hot Springs
Distant view of cottages and buildings at the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Surrounding mountings in background.

Boy Scouts Trail, Wheeler Hot Springs
View of horses and riders traveling along Boy Scouts Trail near Wheeler Hot Springs. Mountains surround the trail.

"Egyptian Spring" Drinking Fountain at Wheeler Hot Springs
Closeup view of the "Egyptian Spring" drinking fountain at the Wheeler Hot Spring resort. Fountain has a relief of a lion with spout in its mouth. Spout empties into a stone basin with scalloped design.

Entrance to Wheelers Hot Springs
View of the entrance to the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Five people on horse back on road in front of entrance. Sign above entrance warns drivers to slow down. Cabins and mountains in background. Early automobile on left.

Mountains Surrounding Wheeler Hot Springs
View of the mountains and hills surrounding the Wheeler Hot Springs resort. Buildings in bottom center of view.

Warm Mineral Plunge at Wheeler Hot Springs
View of bathers at a pool at Wheeler Hot Springs. Two people diving in to water, one prepares to dive from wooden scaffolding.

In the Canyon, Wheelers Hot Springs, Ventura Co., California postcard
View of hot spring surrounded by boulders and forest. Small waterfall visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70992]

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A bird's-eye view of Wheeler's Hot Springs resort showing several buildings, a pool, tennis courts and water flowing in Matilija Creek.

Caption: Wheelers Hot Springs Lamson Photo

[NOKO, Lamson Photo]

A Shady Walk at Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A dirt path lined with trees near Wheeler Hot Springs.

Caption: "- A Shady Walk - At Wheelers Hot Mineral Springs - Ventura Co., Cal."

[Western Card Company, Reedley, Fresno Co., Calif., 4069]

Swimming Pool, Sulphur Mt. Springs postcard
View of swimmers in and around a pool, with a group of 4 spectators on a platform watching the swimmers on the right. Bottom caption reads: "Swimming Pool, Sulphur Mt. Springs, near Santa Paula, Ventura Co., Cal."
[Brakey, John R., Ventura, Cal.,…

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A car, people and horses are shown on left of postcard, and a storefront with Wheeler Hot Springs office sign in the front is on the left. Caption at bottom of postcard reads: "WHEELERS HOT SPRINGS. VENTURA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA."
[Albertype Co.,…
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