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Ella Elizabeth Gould
Bust portrait of Ella Elizabeth (Crane) Gould, looking to the left of the viewer. She wears her hair up adorned with a pin. She wears a high collared cloak around her shoulders and a corsage near her neck. There is some cutoff writing at bottom of…

Ella Elizabeth Gould
Bust portrait of Ella Elizabeth (Crane) Gould, looking to the left of the viewer. She wears her hair up adorned with a pin. She wears a high collared puffed sleeve blouse or dress. Possibly this portrait is for her wedding. Bottom of photo reads:…


Emma Grubb
Full portrait of Emma Grubb in a floor length white dress, her hair in an up-do. She gazes to the left of the viewer. She was the first Mrs. Adrian G. "Buddy" Wood, and Emma Wood State Park is named for her.

Verso of photo: Photog. Coules Palac…

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Mrs. B. W. Galley
Bust portrait of Mrs. B. W. Galley (first name not provided) gazing to the left of viewer, wearing a printed dress with a ruffled collar. Writing on front of photo indicates 1883, but writing on photo verso indicates 1885.

Mamie Mitchell, Bust Portrait
Bust portrait of Mamie Mitchell, wearing a ruffled collar, choker and earrings. Portrait printed on what appears to be a scroll.

Maria del Espíritu Ortega
Bust portrait of Maria del Espíritu Ortega, who later married Victor Ustasaustagui. She is leaning forward, looking to the right of the viewer. Her long sleeved dress has tassels adorning the neckline and she wears a light colored scarf.

Mamie Mitchell
Full portrait of a young woman, Mamie Mitchell, with hands clasped in front of her looking at the viewer. She wears a dark, floor length dress with a high collar.

Ricker Sisters Portrait
Portrait of the five Ricker Sisters. They are standing in a row with their bodies angled to the viewer's right but they are looking back towards the viewer. Four of the sisters are wearing black dresses and one is in a white shirt and plaid skirt.…

Mary Wentworth Robinson
Bust portrait of Mary Wentworth Robinson, wife to Captain Richard Robinson. Mary is wearing a black dress with large buttons and a white lace collar. Her hair is back and curled. She is looking directly at the viewer.

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Pansy Brewster in Fancy Cloak With Flowers in Hair
Sepia toned full studio portrait of Pansy Brewster, side view. She is dressed in a light colored lacy dress with shawl or cloak with collar and furry fringe. She wears her hair up with flowers in it. There is a fur in the foreground and a studio…

Pansy Augusta Brewster, Age 21
Sepia toned full side view portrait of Pansy Augusta Brewster at approximately age 21. Pansy is sitting in a chair, holding two roses, and appears to be examining them. Pansy wears her hair in a Gibson Girl hairstyle and is wearing long gloves and a…

Mrs. Trainor
Full portrait of Mrs. Trainor (first name not known), a middle-aged woman standing with one arm leaning on an upholstered chair and another arm draped across her torso, hand resting on the chair, looking at the camera. She wears a dark colored blouse…

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Edith Bonestel Arneill
Full portrait of Edith Bonestel Arneill in a long short sleeved dress with a demi-train. She is standing in a studio in profile with face turned toward the camera. She leans on an upholstered armchair holding flowers in her hands. Photo is mounted.

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Fern Fisk Marita portrait
Bust portrait of a young woman, identified Fern Frisk Marita in library records. She is facing and looking at the camera, wearing a high collared blouse and dark jacket.

Simon Cohn Family Portrait
Simon Cohn family outdoor portrait. Back row: Dora Cohn Sanderson, Jake Cohn, Minnie Cohn, Esther Cohn. Rosenmayer, Simon Cohn, Helen Cohn Helms, Gertrude Cohn. Front row: Hortense Cohn Zander, Mildred Cohn Berkowitz, Leona Cohn Berkowitz.

Lucy Ruiz Elwell
Oval bust portrait of Lucy Ruiz Elwell, wearing an off the shoulder dress and a choker style necklace with here hair up with a bow on top. She is looking into the camera. Library records state "Great Aunt Lucy Ruiz Elwell, U.T.'s sister [possibly…

Frances D. Wilson
3/4 portrait of Frances Duarte Wilson, daughter of Manuel Duarte and Carmen Real Duarte. Museum records indicate she is buried in Simi Valley Pioneer Cemetery. In this portrait, she is a young woman wearing a plaid dress over a white shirt with puffy…

Yasuye Takasugi Portrait
This image shows Yasuye Takasugi posing seated for an interior full portrait.

Katherine Louise Hoffman Varnado
Oval bust portrait of Katherine Louise Hoffman Varnado as a young woman. She is sitting with head leaning on clasped hands, elbows resting on a table. she is looking to the right of the camera. She wears her hair is in a Gibson Girl hairstyle.

M. Jennie Tripple
Bust oval portrait of M. Jennie Tripple, facing camera, gaze looking left of camera. She is wearing a high collared dress, glasses, and hair is up.

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Two Ladies in Front of Oak Street Store in Ventura
Two women in floor length long sleeve blouses and floor length skirts stand under a covered sidewalk in front of a store that appears to be a dress shop. Sign on window behind them reads "fashionable dressmaking." Window lettering behind them reads…

Aldegunda C. Del Campo
Bust portrait of Aldegunda C. Del Campo (Aldegunda De Los Reyes Camarillo Del Campo), looking to the left of the camera. She is wearing her hair up, and has a dark dress with a high neck and brooch at the neck. She was born in 1846, died 1927.


Group Photo, Hill School
Group photo of Hill School students. There are four rows of students, two seated and two standing. Miss Dennis, teacher, can be seen standing on the right.

General and Mrs. William Vandever with Family and Friends
A group portrait of General and Mrs. William Vandever with their family and friends. Most of the people are facing the camera but not looking into it. Women are dressed in dark long dresses and many are wearing hats or have their hair up. There are…

Oxford Union High School group portrait
Mounted individual photographs of students from Oxnard Union High School. There are 54 oval portraits in total. Students that have been identified include William Culbert (second row, fourth place), Ralph Killigan (second row, fifth place), 0live…
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