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Olivet Baptist Church Workers
Group photo of women workers at Olivet Baptist Church in Ventura. The women are seated around a table and are looking at the viewer. Portion of an upright piano is visible on the right side.

Left to right: Annie Walker, Bennie May Bryant,…

Myrtle Shepherd
A bust photographic portrait of Myrtle Shepherd looking to her right. Library records indicate that Myrtle Shepherd was the daughter of Judge Shepherd and Theodosia B. Shepherd. She is wearing a high-collar dress. A locket or watch suspended on a…

Mamie Mitchell, Bust Portrait
Bust portrait of Mamie Mitchell, wearing a ruffled collar, choker and earrings. Portrait printed on what appears to be a scroll.

Magdalena Camarillo
Bust portrait of Magdalena Camarillo, seated, looking at the viewer. She wears her hair in a braid crown, wears earrings, small scarf, a chain, and has a coat with large buttons.

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The daughter of a prominent Philadelphia loyalist, Peggy Shippen married Benedict Arnold in 1779. She was suspected of aiding her husband’s treason and accompanied him into exile. This sculpture is part of American Revolution! George Stuart…

Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins
Bust portrait of Charlotte Augusta Smiley Perkins looking to the left of camera. She wears earrings and a brooch. Drawing is on buff colored board. She came to Ventura between 1870 and 1875.

Lucy Ruiz Elwell
Oval bust portrait of Lucy Ruiz Elwell, wearing an off the shoulder dress and a choker style necklace with here hair up with a bow on top. She is looking into the camera. Library records state "Great Aunt Lucy Ruiz Elwell, U.T.'s sister [possibly…

Balvina M. Real
Seated portrait of Balvina Moreno Real, wife of Francisco Real, as a young woman. Museum records indicate she is buried in Piru Cemetery. In this photograph she is seated with her arm right arm resting on a book which is on a small table. She is…

Beatrice Wood, Portrait In Studio
Inset from border 16.4x 11.1 cm portrait of Beatrice Wood standing, wearing a sari standing next to a chair with one hand resting on chair. Beatrice is smiling at the camera with her other hand over her heart.

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Mrs. Justin Petit
Bust portrait of Mrs. Justin Petit. She is wearing a dress with a high white lace collar and her hair is up. She is looking to the left of the viewer. She is also wearing earrings.


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