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Lucy Ruiz Elwell
Oval bust portrait of Lucy Ruiz Elwell, wearing an off the shoulder dress and a choker style necklace with here hair up with a bow on top. She is looking into the camera. Library records state "Great Aunt Lucy Ruiz Elwell, U.T.'s sister [possibly…

Balvina M. Real
Seated portrait of Balvina Moreno Real, wife of Francisco Real, as a young woman. Museum records indicate she is buried in Piru Cemetery. In this photograph she is seated with her arm right arm resting on a book which is on a small table. She is…

Beatrice Wood, Portrait In Studio
Inset from border 16.4x 11.1 cm portrait of Beatrice Wood standing, wearing a sari standing next to a chair with one hand resting on chair. Beatrice is smiling at the camera with her other hand over her heart.

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Mrs. Justin Petit
Bust portrait of Mrs. Justin Petit. She is wearing a dress with a high white lace collar and her hair is up. She is looking to the left of the viewer. She is also wearing earrings.


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