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Theodosia B. Shepherd
Bust portrait of Theodosia B. Shepherd looking to the left of the viewer. She wears a dress or blouse adorned with a lace front with a flower.

Laura Brewster Boquist
Seated portrait of Laura Brewster Boquist, a young woman, wearing a dark dress with buttons down the front and a belt. She is looking to the right of the viewer.
[Duplicate glass plate negative: gp442.]

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Edith McDivett
Bust portrait of Edith McDivett, wearing her hair up and looking to the right of the viewer. She wears a high collared blouse or dress and a corsage.

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Miss L. Boling
Bust portrait of Miss L. Boling facing the viewer but gazing slightly right of the viewer. Her hair is up and she wears a high collared blouse or dress.


Maria Sanchez Outdoor Portrait
Outdoors full portrait of Maria (Mary) Sanchez, standing in a fenced in yard. She is turned to her left, with arms behind her back, facing the viewer. She wears a long light-colored dress and pumps. There is a train in the background.

Mary Wentworth Robinson
Bust portrait of Mary Wentworth Robinson, wife to Captain Richard Robinson. Mary is wearing a black dress with large buttons and a white lace collar. Her hair is back and curled. She is looking directly at the viewer.

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Fred Carlisle Snodgrass Baby Portrait
Full sepia toned portrait photograph of Fred Carlisle Snodgrass as an infant (age 6 mos. to 1 yr.). Fred is seated and in profile, but turned toward the camera. He appears to have light colored curly hair and is wearing a light colored gown.…

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Mrs. Trainor
Full portrait of Mrs. Trainor (first name not known), a middle-aged woman standing with one arm leaning on an upholstered chair and another arm draped across her torso, hand resting on the chair, looking at the camera. She wears a dark colored blouse…

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Ralph and Julien Cerf
Portrait of Ralph and Julien Cerf, two young children seated together on top of a wooden carved bench. They are both wearing long gowns with lace collars and buckled boots. One of the boys holds a basket of flowers in one hand.

Muzette Permelia Carre
Studio portrait of Muzette Permelia Carre, a two year old girl, standing behind a prop railing or fence, leaning forward, her hands clutching a doll that is laying on the railing. Muzette smiles toward the viewer, gazing to the viewer's right.…

Maria Louisa Ruiz and Gordon Nidever Ruiz - Infants
Oval portrait of Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louisa Ruiz sitting in chairs leaning against a drape. They are both wearing light colored children's clothes and Maria has light ribbons in her pigtails. Maria and Gordon are the children of Maria…

Ruth Ruiz - Age 8
Full portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz at age eight leaning against an ornate wooden chair. She is wearing a light colored dress with dark stockings and booths. She has ribbons in her hair in the pigtail fashion. A studio backdrop of a concrete wall and…

Lillian Flournoy Rice
Oval bust portrait of Lillian Flournoy Rice (Mrs. Thomas A. Rice). She is wearing a printed, high collared dress with buttons down the front and is looking to the viewer's left. According to library records: "Daughter of Thomas Flournoy of Contra…

Elizabeth Hardison, Child Portraits
Four portraits of Elizabeth Hardison as a toddler, mounted. They show her posed seated and standing wearing a long white dress, necklace, and a bow in her curled hair.

Manuel R. Duarte
Bust portrait in oval frame of Manuel Real Duarte, son of Manuel Duarte and Carmen Real Duarte, as a young man. He is wearing suite and tie. He has curly hair that is parted to the side. He is looking directly at the viewer.

Portrait of a girl

Portrait of a woman.

Elvina Peirano child portrait
Seated portrait of Elvina Peirano, gazing to the right of camera, verso of photo: "1 year, 10 months." Elvina wears a white gown and her hair is loose in curls.

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