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Group Photo, Children with Father O'Reilly, at Casitas Ranch
Outdoor group photo taken at Casitas Ranch.

Boy at left back, Edward V. (Ted) Vanegas. Man in fur parka, Father O'Reilly (Mission SBV) on return from missionary trip to Alaska. Boy, left front, Ramon (Monte) Vanegas. Boy, right back, Alfonso…

Thomas Jefferson Historical Figure
Thomas Jefferson rose to prominence in Virginia politics, supported the revolutionary movement, served in both Continental Congresses, and was a major drafter of the Declaration of Independence. Became Governor of Virginia in 1779 and later succeeded…

Charles Robinson
3/4 portrait of Charles Robinson leaning on an ornate column featuring a carved lion's head covered in a fur and a plaque of a man with a gun. Robinson is wearing a suit with a vest and a pocket chain. He is looking to the right of the viewer.…

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Pansy Brewster in Fancy Cloak With Flowers in Hair
Sepia toned full studio portrait of Pansy Brewster, side view. She is dressed in a light colored lacy dress with shawl or cloak with collar and furry fringe. She wears her hair up with flowers in it. There is a fur in the foreground and a studio…

Ah Chang
Full, seated portrait of Ah Chang in traditional Chinese clothing , shoes and hat. He holds a fan in one hand and the other rests on a table beside him. He is looking into the camera with a small smile on his face. He is seated on an elaborately…

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Lazaro Ruiz
Full portrait of Lazaro Ruiz, wearing a three piece suit with a tie, looking into the camera. One arm is rested on an armchair with a fur draped over it. Lazaro was born on Dec. 12, 1862 and died Jan. 9, 1912 at age 50.

Seabees on Parade
Seabees on parade, possibly in Oxnard. Copy from CBC (Construction Battalion Center) Library.
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