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Theodosia B. Shepherd, Bust Portrait
Bust portrait of Theodosia Burr Shepherd in a plaid dress looking to the right of the viewer. She wears her hair parted in the center, and up in the back.

According to library records, photo is from a "T. B. Shepherd book", but it is unclear which…

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Three Young Women Sitting on Car
Three young women, Dominga Sanchez, Mary Sanchez, and Concha Guerrero sit on the sidestep of a car. They are dressed fashionably in dresses, suits, and/or pumps. There is a tree and a house in the background behind the car.

Katie and Dominic Pomatto
Full portrait of Katie (left) and Dominic Pomatto, outdoors on the Pomatto Family walnut ranch. A large tree is behind the couple, and they both look at the viewer.

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Minerva Magdalena Camarillo
Full portrait of Minerva Magdalena Camarillo, a young girl, in a plaid dress standing on a footstool. She is facing the viewer but turned to her right slightly with one hand resting on the back of an upholstered chair. A small table with a bust on it…

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Frances D. Wilson
3/4 portrait of Frances Duarte Wilson, daughter of Manuel Duarte and Carmen Real Duarte. Museum records indicate she is buried in Simi Valley Pioneer Cemetery. In this portrait, she is a young woman wearing a plaid dress over a white shirt with puffy…

Edith Hobson Hoffman, Childhood Portrait
Bust oval portrait of Edith Hobson as a girl. She is wearing a plaid dress and she is looking to the right of the camera.
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